Keynote Speakers, Motivational Speakers, Inspirational Speakers: Knowing Which To Choose For Your Event

Knowing which kind of speaker to choose for your event can be a daunting task. More so nowadays when there are thousands of speakers speaking in different parts of the world at any given point of time. The audience wants especially someone who is trustworthy and reliable. Having the right speaker will make or break the success of your event.

Their reputation and credibility will boost yours. That’s why it is important to have the right speaker at the right event. If you are having trouble finding the right speaker for your event then you are at the right spot.

Keynote Speakers

A keynote speaker is a speaker who sets the theme of the event at the very beginning. His role is to set the stage for the evening so that the next speakers can add and complement the keynote speaker. A keynote speaker commences the event. An event with multiple days of events will have multiple keynote speakers – one for each day. 

What Makes A Keynote Speaker Important?

Keynote speakers are different from motivational speakers or inspirational as these speakers don’t necessarily set the ‘key note’ for the event. In fact, they are often complementary to the keynote speaker. A good keynote speaker will set the theme for the evening and make it a success for the next speakers.

He draws the audience towards the message of the event. He compels the audience to believe that they cannot miss the event. His presentation sets the stage. The audience, too, benefits from the keynote speaker as they are able to gauge the theme of the evening and what to expect. 

Closing Keynote Speaker

There exists another kind of keynote speaker – a closing keynote speaker. A closing keynote speaker’s role is to conclude the evening and compel the audience to take back a positive message from the event.

He is to ensure that the audience remembers the event and what has been said from beginning to the end by all the speakers. The success of the event relies on the closing keynote speaker as much as on the opening keynote speaker.

Engagement And Buzz

Oftentimes, a keynote speaker is someone who is renowned and credible. Their name and credibility are what draws the audience to the event. He compels the audience to attend the event and makes them feel that they can’t miss it. This ‘renowned’ keynote speaker will create the buzz for the event – in real life and also on social media.

Attaching a renowned female keynote speaker’s name to the event is enough to boost the success of the event. His name promotes the cause of the event. In such a scenario, an event’s success relies completely on the keynote speakers. Diversity and inclusion speakers are a popular thing of today.

Now that you know what a keynote speaker does, are you set to find your next keynote speaker? Check out this amazing host of keynote speakers and read about their experiences.

Motivational Speakers

A motivational speaker is someone who motivates the audience. They compel the audience to do better in their everyday activities and motivate them to be efficient in their lives. They help the audience become solution-centric and help them excel in overcoming their problems.

A motivational speaker is usually someone who comes from successful backgrounds and banks on their success to motivate others to do the same. A motivational speaker can be anybody – a businessman, an entrepreneur, an author, a politician, a sportsperson, etc.

What Makes A Motivational Speaker Important?

A motivational speaker is someone who relies on their ability to communicate to their audience and motivate them to follow in his steps. They renew the audience’s passion for work, eagerness to study, will live, and motivation to come out of boxes and believe in themselves.

A motivational speaker is a visionary who has a set goal for the event and guides the audience to that goal. A motivational speaker ensures every audience member takes back learning at the end of the event.

Engagement And Buzz

A motivational speaker can be anybody who has a continued reputation of being successful in life. They are known for their quality of motivating others to follow in their footsteps. A motivational speaker may write books, make documentaries, hold workshops, and more. Motivational speakers are usually invited to events to motivate the audience.

A motivational speaker may be invited to a workplace event, a school or university event, or a televised motivational programme. Their success story is what creates the buzz around the event.

Gus Balbontin is an example of a motivational speaker who dropped out of university at the age of 22 and proceeded to hike across South America. 

Tim Costello is an Australian Baptist minister who has authored books on life and faith. Dion Devow is an indigenous speaker who was the recipient of the Australian of The Year in 2018. Anna Meares is a female motivational speaker who is an Australian retired track cyclist and has won 6 Olympic medals in her career.

Inspirational Speakers

An inspirational speaker, as the name suggests, is someone who inspires the audience. They deliver an inspirational speech that helps the audience see things from a different perspective. Ideally, an inspirational speaker is someone who speaks from their personal experience and relays this experience in the form of a speech.

As such, the audience is able to relate and put faith into the speaker as they know the speaker speaks from personal experience. The ability to inspire the audience comes from the credibility of the speaker’s story.

What Makes An Inspirational Speaker Important?

 The importance of inspirational speakers comes from their ability to connect to the audience mentally and spiritually. Their role is to help each member of the audience connect to themselves and make positive changes in their life. People generally tend to focus on the problems in their lives. An inspirational speaker helps them focus on the solutions.

Engagement And Buzz

What makes an inspirational speaker different from a keynote speaker is that they speak from experience. A keynote speaker usually tends to be someone renowned and popular and the buzz comes likewise. An inspirational speaker can be anybody – any common citizen. Their selling point is their life experience and life story. What makes inspirational speakers successful is their ability to bank on their personal experiences.

An inspirational speaker may write books, make documentaries, hold workshops, and more. This creates the buzz around them speaking in an event. The inspirational speaker boosts the engagement of the event, and at the same time, the event boasts engagement around the inspirational speaker.

Dylan Alcott is an example of an inspirational speaker who has represented Australia as a wheelchair tennis player and wheelchair basketball player. You can also take inspiration from Michael Crossland, a survivor of cancer, a successful businessman and a sportsman. Daniel Keighran is another inspirational figure who is an Australian soldier and has won the Victoria Cross for Australia