Top 7 Quality and Sports Bikes for Amateurs

The line sports bike is now very popular. These cars not only help you easily move in many different types of terrain but also help you train your health, endurance, and endurance. Choosing to buy a good sports bike will sometimes make you difficult because of the variety in design, model, and price. However, to make it simpler, you can refer to the top 7 beautiful and quality bicycle models for amateurs below.

1. Trinx Free 2.0 new 2021

Trinx Free 2.0 bicycle is one of the hottest sports bike models of the Trinx brand. This sportbike model has a very beautiful design with 4 different colors: Black Red, Black Blue, Ocean Blue, and Dark Gray. Therefore, this car is not only suitable for men, but also women can use it to exercise.

The frame of the Trinx Free 2.0 bike is completely designed with high-quality ALUX 6061 aluminum material with a fancy curved shape, the lines on the bike are hidden in the frame to create a seamless feeling. The car uses a Shimano front and rear handbrake to brake, creating high accuracy and stability.

The vehicle is equipped with the Shimano Tourney TX 24 movement, the cassette is equipped with 8 stages to help users move on any terrain with ease. The transmission on the car is designed not too high-end but still suitable to serve the needs of the sport

In addition, the Trinx Free 2.0 bike is also equipped with Prowheel’s disc thighs with 3 discs, the bike’s aluminum braces are designed with 2 genuine Trinx layers to provide a perfect and safe experience when traveling.

Choosing to use Trinx Free 2.0 bicycles to move, go to school, go to work helps users exercise while providing great experiences and contributing to the protection of the green living environment. Moreover, there are many promotions, discount codes, coupons for Trinx Free 2.0 bicycles that will help you save more when buying.

2. Off-road vehicle Fornix FM26

The first advantage of this bike is its modern, sturdy, and stylish design. The chassis is made very firmly with the front and rear wheels being fitted with disc brakes and an elastic saddle,…

Not only that, but this car also has an anti-slip handlebar, ensuring safety for users during movement. The car is equipped with all 4 reflective panels on the wheels, making it easier to move at night.

The Fornix FM26 car also has a log attached to the side of the car, helping to increase the luxury of the product. The car has two main colors, blue and orange, which are both youthful and dynamic.

This bike has a 26-inch wheel size with a very good weight capacity. The car is integrated with 24 speeds with 8 cassettes and 3 front discs, making the movement smoother and softer. This product is suitable for men with a height of 1m6 and above.

3. Asama TRK FL2601 . dirt bike

Asama TRK FL2601 is one of the most appreciated and popular sports bike models today. This product has a size of 15 inches, so it is suitable for you with a height of about 1m5 or more.

This Asama bike has a frame made of iron and is powder-coated, so it can be rust-proof, durable, and sturdy. The Asama TRK FL2601 bike has a fairly compact design with elegant and sophisticated white color but is still extremely powerful. The vehicle is equipped with a multi-speed transmission system with a rotating handle that allows flexibly adjust gearshifts. 

4. Giant ATX 610. Bicycle

Giant ATX 610 is also one of the most popular sports bike models. The car belongs to the line of high-class off-road vehicles, very suitable for sports training and health training.

This sports car has a chassis made of aluminum alloy that is both lightweight and durable. The solidity of the chassis helps this Giant bike to withstand large loads, providing peace of mind for users during use.

This Giant ATX 610 dirt bike model is equipped with a Shimano shifter for optimal speed. The design of the car is very scientific and easy to use, the speed can be easily adjusted by the handle.

Not only that, but this car also has a safety brake and chain, ensuring high stability. Besides, this equipment also helps users to control the speed, create safety, bring extremely interesting experiences.

5. Jett Cycles Strada Pro bike

Jett Cycles Strada Pro is a product of the famous Jett brand in Canada. The car has a size of 17 inches, so it is very suitable for people with a height of 1m7 or more. This model gives users a gentle and smooth-speed experience on flat terrain.

This Jett bike model is equipped with a sturdy frame made of high-grade aluminum alloy with a strong bearing capacity and load capacity. The ultra-light chassis makes this car quite light when moving.

The vehicle is designed in an aerodynamic style with a high-speed and flexible movement mechanism. The car’s brake system is also focused on equipment, providing high safety. Other parts of the car are also very advanced, allowing users to easily control the speed of movement.

The design of this car is quite fashionable with the silver color looking very luxurious and classy. Therefore, if you need to choose a sports bike for practice, the Jett Cycles Strada Pro is a great choice for you.

6. Fornix FT24 sports bike

Fornix FT24 sports bike is a 24″ wheeled bike designed with certainty and safety suitable for school age. With standard configuration at a low price, it can fully meet the needs of going to school, going out, exercising, etc. Therefore, Fornix FFT24 is one of the top priority choice products of all levels. Parents.

Fornix sports bicycles with many color versions and extremely sporty colors help diversify the choices to suit the interests and personalities of the students. Fornix FT 24 has a design quite similar to the previous Fornix MS50, but the car offers many more novel color versions such as black-red, black and white, black green, white blue, yellow, gray red, Red.

7. Fastroat Comax 2 .bike

The FastRoad CoMax 2 version is favored with orange-black, matte paint that creates a trendy highlight compared to the traditional glossy paint. The chassis is made from Giant’s exclusive Comax Composite material with a lightweight, comfortable frame design.

With a saddle design specifically for street trips, with a larger surface and extremely soft material. Riders can feel the smoothness of the saddle from the first use. The seat post incorporates innovative D-Fuse technology that can absorb bumps and vibrations on the road.


Above are the top 7 beautiful and quality bicycle models for amateurs and the most popular today. In addition to these cars, you can also refer to many other models of the same type with the same or higher price to get the best experience when moving and exercising. And don’t miss the promotions, discount codes, coupons for bicycles to save more when buying.