Jackie Meyer’s Innovative Spirit is Changing The Accounting Industry with Helpful Software

Jackie Meyer, the Modern Tax Planner and Concierge CPA, CEO, and Founder of TaxPlanIQ, is full of generous spirit and a will to remove the accounting industry’s frustration and obstacles.

TaxPlanIQ is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product created for tax planners to master their practice. Meyer was frustrated that a tool like that didn’t exist in her industry and was dumbfounded to see that anyone doing tax planning had to reinvent the wheel during every single engagement.

“I hired a software developer to sculpt my vision and ROI method format into TanPlanIQ,” Meyer said. “It provides a system for tax accountants to visualize and track their ROI for optimum performance.”

‘Just Do’ with Love Mentality

Meyer, who is currently working on getting her doctorate in Strategic Leadership, specializes in creating ravings fans out of both her clients and employees. Having never had a strong mentor early in her career, Meyer decided to become her own boss.

“I like solving problems, and I tend to ‘just do’ without worrying whether it’s been done before. I think a lot of people have that obstacle. They worry that if their idea is different and not common, they shouldn’t try it. Sometimes just trying things is tricky, but I believe it’s gotten me to where I am today,” Jackie explained. “Didn’t like my bosses, became my own. I want to help others that are stuck like I was.”

This positive ‘just do’ mentality allows Meyer to push the boundaries of what being an accountant usually means. She believes in adding value for her clients and wants her team to be able to do the same, stating that artificial intelligence (AI) will take over compliance soon. Hence, accountants need to come to the table with an edge to set themselves apart.

It doesn’t hurt that she loves technology, making it easy for Meyer to stay ahead of the curve. If AI and other tech ramp up in a particular area, she is abreast of the trends and pivots to suit.

“My goal is to break the cycle of hard tax seasons and bring value to tax advice,” Meyer said. “I want people to realize their full potential in tax planning practices.”

Meyer believes that women in leadership should lead with love and uses the MERAKI leadership method in her management. She has a Facebook group for talking about best practices and support called Accounting Firm Influencers.

A Bit More About the TaxPlanIQ Software

The easy-to-use tax planning platform by Jackie Meyer is used to create indispensable accountants and tax planners for clients and for those same accountants and tax planners to be able to create a business they love for themselves. Along with reducing potential accounting mistakes, TaxPlanIQ is an all-in-one project management platform ‘designed to elevate your value and put you back in control of your firm.’

Users of the TaxPlanIQ software easily demonstrate their value to their clients, save time for everyone involved, and remove frustration from the equation on both sides. Participants become ‘more than a number cruncher’; they become an asset impossible to replace by AI.

For those who feel overworked, undervalued, and trapped in their day-to-day, TaxPlanIQ takes over the tedious tasks that break accountants and tax planners down, leaving room to ‘showcase the tremendous value’ they offer to the world.

TaxPlanIQ radically increases work service confidence, simplifies the operational procedures necessary to work, provides extensive human support within the program, and offers metrics and data analysis so professionals can make better decisions. These decisions ultimately serve to grow their business, clientele satisfaction, and personal satisfaction.

“With all that saved time and energy, what are you going to do with yourself?” Meyer jokes. “The possibilities for a beautiful work-life balance are endless, and this is the tool to take my fellow tax planning professionals there. We all deserve to live our dream lives!”

Any tax professional looking to increase their ease and efficiency at work can access a free two-week trial at taxplaniq.com.

About Jackie Meyer

Jackie Meyer, the Concierge CPA, CEO, and Founder of TaxPlanIQ, has Certified Concierge Accountant classes that help taxpayers and entrepreneurs find the best solutions for them. Visit https://jackiemeyercpa.com/ for more information.


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