Is Kelvin ( Dilyers DS Merch Model and friend) hinting that Dilyer stevens is not fine?

“ and the truth is, that I’m not fine” ~ SOVEREIGN D( the song that is back to streaming platforms)

We all know Dilyer stevens inner circle is definitely small, which has made it easier to maintain his increasingly mythological stature among fans and the general public, Fans seems to always get Shocked when Dilyer “ ghosts” but, He mentioned that he rarely shared about his personal life and experiences and that’s how he would like it to be. He does not want everybody to know everything about him as it was important for him to maintain the mystery.
Dilyer also said before that there was a time and place for everything and everything need not have to be out in the public.
but there is a core group of people whom he turns to—and who in turn have played a bigger role in his life along the way than we might have first realized. We know Kelvin has played a big role. Kelvin in a recent post said:

“Well go through rough bits sometimes and it’s important to turn to God and trust that he’ll put all fragments of your life back in place when it seems to have shattered. Also, never underestimate the importance of spending time reflecting and strategizing when trying to get back up on your feet”.

Some people on Twitter DMs to the press commented:

“ don’t y’all think it’s crazy how Kelvin is posting about “reflecting and strategizing when trying to get back up on your feet”. We know that DILYER is surely going through something and maybe that’s a way to transmit him a message as a friend”

“ guys DILYER has always been inn-active online he’s probably working on a new song who knows, I’ve been a fan for years and this is just how he’s always been”

“ Closure was literally DILYER telling us that he’s been through a lot, fake friends, fake friend groups, I think he’s still trying to cope with the situation, it’s not easy as it seems”

Some fans also speculated that Dilyers “ closure” is his last project! His “ closure” from all the social media life.

It’s true that Dilyer is not the only social media star and singer that the internet tends to watch inspiringly, but he is one of a select few who performs his Fame so neutrally and offhandedly, which ironically invites a level of obsessive attention from fans and cultural critics.
he’s different from other stars.
But Dilyer plays his fame as ambivalently as a repeat pageant king, and in doing so elevates his fame (revering it too much to comment on it all the time) and naturalizes it
In doing so, his position becomes lofty and aspirational but not entirely knowable.
That approach is rare, and therefore infinitely interesting.

Where is DILYER STEVENS? We need some closure!