Intratone – All you need to know about Intercom systems

A good level of security is as important to those residing within a building as any other aspect of the property. Without the appropriate measures in place to make sure everybody is safe from intruders or unwanted guests, it would be difficult to relax at home.

Whether you’re installing an intercom system at a residential property or on business premises, the technology is incredibly effective for those inside the building.

This article will look at everything you need to know about intercom systems and their advantages.

What is an intercom system?

An intercom system (‘intercom’ meaning intercommunication) is a two-way communication device installed on the outside facade of a building, typically near the entrance, and usually on the inside of the building where people tend to frequent.

The purpose of the intercom is to alert those within the property that somebody is at the entrance. Once the person inside the premises knows the guest is there, they will be able to converse with them through the intercom system to see what the nature of their visit is.

People can then be granted entry depending on whether the person inside allows them.

Intercom systems can either be wired through the building’s walls or work wirelessly, often being fixed to the walls without superficial damage.

Intercom systems come in a wide range of styles and sizes, and with all sorts of capabilities, as listed on our website.

Why are intercom systems beneficial?

Knowing who is at your door and what the purpose of their visit is can offer peace of mind to some. If you lived in a shared building, you don’t necessarily want somebody gaining access to your building that doesn’t live there.

As there is a two-way microphone built-in, and sometimes a one-way camera too, you’re able to identify who is there and aim to find out why.

Intratone has produced intercom systems with remote management capabilities, meaning you can view and assess the status of ongoings outside your property from wherever you are in the world.

Some business owners might use the intercom system as a way of tracking exactly what time employees arrive at work, assuming they need to use the intercom to enter.

Choice of intercom systems

Lots of people prefer having the intercom system wired into the walls of their buildings because it isn’t dependent on an internet connection to work. These online networks could also be infiltrated by a third party too, no matter how unlikely this might seem.

Of course, the ease of installing a wireless intercom appeal to many, though. This installation can be done by most people who follow the instructions and, thankfully, you don’t have to get the power tools out either. If you decide that the location of either end of the intercom system isn’t optimal then no problem, you have the ability to move the device to wherever you please is another advantage.

When it comes to building security, you want to have the best technology available. Explore our range online today for intercom systems and many other security measures that can alleviate whatever concerns you might have.


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