Gtechniq – How To Clean A Car: Interior & Exterior Tips & Tricks

There are fewer more satisfying feelings as a car owner than cleaning your car inside and out so it looks as good as new.

Doing so sufficiently requires a set of high-quality equipment, care, and attention. Let’s look at how you can achieve the best results.

How to clean car interior

Throw away any rubbish first, then temporarily remove any loose car furniture so it can be cleaned outside. You can then proceed to hoover up dirt on the seats and floor. Using harsh wipes isn’t how to clean a car dashboard -wipe down the surfaces with a non-abrasive cloth, and then tend to internal glass and leather.

How to clean leather car seats

When asking how to clean leather seats, consider purchasing a conditioner as well as I2 Tri-Clean. We’d always recommend applying L1 Leather Guard AB to your seats after cleaning, which should offer protection against bacteria that causes fading and abrasion.

How to clean car windows without streaks

The smearing that can be found on windows when you’ve cleaned with a product of low quality is a nuisance. Save yourself from this annoyance by applying Gtechniq’s G6 Perfect Glass formula.

How to clean car carpet

To ensure the best cleaning for your car, remove the mats from the vehicle beforehand. You can clean these outside and it provides room to clean the fixed carpet. Don’t be afraid to brush the carpets and mats firmly to get the dirt out. Drying the carpets out thoroughly before potentially introducing new dirt into the vehicle is important, so bear this in mind.

How to clean the outside of a car

You might ask: what can I use to clean my car? Well, the external body of your car is what a lot of people take the most pride in so invest in a product that will have your car looking perfect. Gtechniq has a wide range of products depending on the type of clean you’re after.

How to clean wing mirrors

Using a similar cleaning agent to the windscreens, the mirrors of your glass require cleaning with friendly material mixed with the solution and gently wiped. Make sure the dry the wing mirrors with a microfibre cloth afterwards so no scratch marks occur.


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