Interesting Fact About Ants

Ants are fascinating insects from the household of the ant and have a very important place in our ecosystem. Although we usually think of ants as being dirty and unsanitary, the reality is they are some of the most wonderfully designed insects in the world. ants have amazing design features that make them stand out among other insects. Their social structure is complex, and their behavior demonstrates a sense of society and cooperation. Ant facts can provide us with knowledge about the behavior and lifestyle of these interesting creatures.

Ants are social pests of the plant kingdom, and, in addition to the bees and wasps, they belong to the Order Hymenoptera. Ants live in large numbers in the southern parts of the U.S., Africa, and South America. They live in caves, under bridges, and in abandoned mines. The ant facts that are available indicate that ants developed after the ants of today’s world migrated from the Paleolithic age through the New World.

Ants are nocturnal insects, and many ant facts are concerned with how they sleep and what they feed on during the day. Many ants are nocturnal because they forage at night when food is not scarce. Many ants are seasonal feeders, eating one type of plant throughout the year and switching to another plant in the fall and winter. The worker ants, which are responsible for taking care of the colony and foraging for food, do not actually leave the colony until the colony is large enough to be able to move to a new location. Ants build elaborate nests and secrete a chemical that attracts the females. The worker ants then lay their eggs, which are nourished by the nectar of a nearby tree.