An Introduction Of Hindu Sanatana Dharma

Hindu Sanatana Dharma is a concise but comprehensive study on the ideology, history, and philosophy of Hinduism. It is written by Sita Vaidya, who is perhaps India’s foremost intellectual and cultural educator. It is in fact one of the most comprehensive books on Hinduism ever written and is profoundly interesting and deeply informed. The book covers all aspects of Hinduism and Sita relates each aspect in great detail, providing insights not only on Hinduism but also on India, its people, and their culture.

What is Hinduism? The definition of Hinduism as a religion is an uncertain one. The commonly accepted meaning in the USA is “the practice of Hinduism as an organized religion and civilization.” But the definition of dharma is more specific. “Dharmic action” is defined as that which brings about a benefit, good or otherwise, through the agency of one’s actions. So while the individual may practice Hinduism to increase “dharma” or be closer to a deity, he or she must understand that doing so is not only religious in nature but also inherently beneficial to humanity.

This is why Hindu Sanatana Dharma is so important. It is a guide to living a better life through the daily practices of this ancient religion. If you are interested in expanding your knowledge of Hindu Sanatana dharma in Hindi, this is definitely the book for you.