Important Situations When You Can Use the Ground Tarp

Whether you call it a groundsheet or a ground tarp, both refer to a sheet that is resistant to water and provides proper safety during traveling or works as a comfortable sheet to lie down on a floor.

Some quality sheets like canvas ground tarps even work as a temporary tent for the children to play in the ground or become a shade for the construction workers busy working in complex work and absurd weather conditions on a site.

It’s not hard to get canvas ground tarps. Now, the various options are available to get one. One ground can be a wonderful tool in different conditions. Let us see some of the situations below that would require to use canvas ground tarp. So, let us get started:

Emergency tent: 

The ground tarp could be used after draping over a rope that is stretched between two trees and weight or stake the edges on the ground and you have a shelter that would protect you from the rain.

One thing needs to be ensured in this condition to keep the edge outside the floor, so you don’t end up channeling all the rain onto the tent floor.


A canvas ground tarp doesn’t protect you from unexpected rain only. It could be a windbreaker, heat reflector, and sunshade. It could be used as a one-sided lean to get a perfect shelter during bright sun or daylight. It is quite simple to learn to make a shade through the tarp. Some parts of the same tarp could be used to lie down, and the rest could be made as a shelter that would protect you from rain, strong wind, and heat.

Sleeping bag: 

It gets cold during the night. A tarp can server as an extra blanket wrapped around your sleeping bad particularly if you are in a leaky tent or sleeping outside. At least it will keep your bag from getting wet from the outside. If it is warm and you sweat, the tarp will save the perspiration from wicking out to evaporate.

Rain Poncho: 

Yes, a ground tarp can easily turn into a rain poncho or you can say emergency raincoat. It’s pretty easy to carry and keeps you safe to get drench in rain. At the time, the rain could be unexpected and without rain gear, it will be difficult for you to save you and your belongings. So, keep a small tarp with you mostly whenever you are outside the city due to work or spending days in a hill station while traveling.


A canvas ground tarp is a wonderful tool that could be used on different occasions in different ways. The purpose of a groundsheet is to save your tent floor against the jagged, tent floor-wrecking ground.

So, you could definitely buy one ground tarp sheet as per your suitability. It’s best to go for canvas ground tarp, as it is durable, strong, and cost-effective.