Healthcare & Construction Industry Pioneer — Diplomatic Relations — Humanitarian Initiatives — Technology Innovator

HRH Ambassador Ossai Ifeanyi is a distinguished leader, seasoned diplomat, and visionary entrepreneur with an extraordinary record of accomplishments spanning the realms of international diplomacy, healthcare innovation, sustainable construction, and technology. His relentless pursuit of excellence, coupled with his diplomatic acumen and cross-industry expertise, has earned him recognition as a catalyst for change and a trailblazer in both public and private sectors.

As a revered ambassador, HRH Ossai has excelled in fostering meaningful international relationships, promoting cultural understanding, and advancing global cooperation. His diplomatic prowess, combined with his innate ability to navigate complex geopolitical landscapes, has positioned him as an invaluable asset in the world of international diplomacy.

In the healthcare sector, HRH Ambassador Ossai has made his mark as the Co-Founder and CEO of CribMD, a groundbreaking telemedicine and doctor house call company dedicated to democratizing access to quality healthcare in Africa. Under his leadership, CribMD has raised $2.5 million in venture capital funding from Norrsken VC, Sputnik VC, the Guardian & Google, expanded its customer base from zero to over 9,000 within six months of launch, and scaled its team from two founders to over 55 employees. HRH Ossai’s unwavering commitment to healthcare excellence has earned him a nomination for Forbes 30 Under 30, along with numerous global awards for impact and innovation.

Ossai led CribMD’s acquisition of Charisland Pharmaceuticals group, tackling the counterfeit medication epidemic in the country. He also recently spearheaded the company’s efforts in signing exclusive 5-year service contracts with AWITA, CEC, and ASVAN, bringing in 15M subscribers and a market value of over $1.5B. CribMD today, few months post-launch, boasts $1M in contracted annual revenue and continues to grow rapidly and set records.

As the founder of Indigeneex, HRH Ambassador Ossai has revolutionized the construction industry with a pioneering approach to construction supply and procurement, championing sustainable building practices and green construction. By securing multi-million contracts with major corporations like Sterling Global oil company and spearheading innovative projects in Nigeria, he has cemented his reputation as a leader in the field of sustainable construction.

Additionally, HRH Ossai’s proficiency in technology innovation has allowed him to develop state-of-the-art solutions in healthcare and construction, utilizing advancements in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data-driven insights to propel his companies forward.

Key Accomplishments:

• Nominated for Forbes 30 Under 30 for exceptional contributions to healthcare innovation and access.

• Raised $2.5 million in venture capital funding from notable investors, including Norrsken VC, Google, Sputnik VC, and the Guardian Media Group.

• Successfully led CribMD’s acquisition and integration of Charisland Pharmaceutical Group, ensuring the delivery of authentic medications to subscribers.

• Expanded CribMD’s footprint to every major city with a population of 500,000+ in its market.

• Pioneered the use of advanced technology and data-driven insights to revolutionize construction supply and procurement through Indigeneex.

• Spearheaded the integration of technology in CribMD, streamlining operations and improving patient outcomes.

In addition to his remarkable professional achievements, HRH Ambassador Ossai Ifeanyi is a dedicated humanitarian, committed to giving back to society and advocating for the underprivileged. His philanthropic endeavors have touched countless lives and inspired many to follow in his footsteps.

HRH Ambassador Ossai Ifeanyi’s unique blend of diplomatic finesse, entrepreneurial vision, and humanitarian passion has made him a prominent figure in multiple arenas, and his ongoing commitment to driving positive change and elevating the human experience will continue to leave a lasting legacy.