How video calls beat all other forms of communication

We learned, during the pandemic, that nobody’s physical presence should be taken for granted. Many people, whether we know them or not, carry auras that have a significant impact on our surroundings. Even the office tea boy has an aura and a vibe. And if it’s a bright one, his company is valued by all those around him.

However, sometimes we get so caught up with work that we begin to neglect the people around us, who give us positive energy in one way or another. The COVID lockdown made many realize how valuable some people’s physical presence can be for us. We couldn’t meet our friends and colleagues but were able to use video calling apps to communicate.

NEEO Messenger is an online chat app with a find friends near me feature which can help you locate other users near or far away from home. Messages and calls were always popular but video calls have gained the greatest amount of popularity, especially owing to the pandemic. Reasons for their popularity have been given below:

Most similar to in-person communication:

People can both see and hear each other in a video call, provided there is sufficient lighting. You can’t smell or touch but you can show the other person the space you’re in and see where they are. When you’re conversing via video call you get to see the gestures and expressions of the person you’re talking to. And if you’re observant enough, you can make out if the person you’re talking to is being honest with you.

Easy and quick form of communication:

Video calling apps help you save a lot of time and resources, especially as far as professional meetings go. When you have to meet a client or colleague in person you often find yourself worrying about how you’ll get to your destination. The second concern is getting where you need to on time. Video calls make life easier for everyone since you can conduct a meeting from any part of the world. Only the time and agenda of the meeting need to be shared beforehand with all the participants.

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Free of cost unlimited chatting:

An offline phone call would cost you a fortune, and even for in-person meetings, you’d have to bear conveyance expenses. A video calling apps will cost absolutely nothing if you have a stable WIFI connection, a smartphone, and an online chat app. NEEO Messenger is a free chat app that lets you make unlimited calls to other NEEO users from across the globe.

And even if you don’t have WIFI you can use the app’s data-saving mode to make calls without using up too much mobile data. The app also has a find friends near me feature that can help you connect with other users living nearby.

Confidentially can be maintained:

Some meetings are held in private, but when this happens in the office, people become suspicious. As hard as you try to keep things confidential, there is always someone on the outside who leaks out information that can cause misunderstandings. You can avoid this kind of unnecessary drama by making a conference call to all the necessary people. If you’re working from home, choose a quiet part of the house for making official calls. Many chat messenger apps have privacy settings that can be used to restrict the entry of uninvited members.

Can create stronger bonds:

Messages are good for casual conversations, but for deep and meaningful conversations, video calls work best. When you’re feeling emotional the best way to convey your feelings to a loved one is through a video call. Video calls can be made for both personal and professional reasons. You can sing an entire song to your loved ones while conversing with them over a video call. And when someone can’t make it to your birthday, for instance, they can be invited to participate via video call. Important official meetings can take place via video calls.

Convenient for elderly members:

Youngsters prefer to meet their friends in person and take pictures and selfies that they can upload on social media. Adults have to take time out of their busy schedules to fulfill their need for socialization. Many of the elderly, however, are housebound due to their health conditions. Texting becomes a bit of a hassle in old age since it becomes difficult to type messages. It’s also a bit difficult to read texts. Under the circumstances, a video call will be most convenient and suitable.

You’d like to meet some people daily but sometimes that isn’t possible, either due to your busy schedule or theirs. It would be a waste to go all the way to meet someone just to spend half an hour there and then get back. It’s way more convenient to schedule a call with your loved ones. Use your video calling apps to give each other undivided attention for at least half an hour each day and you’ll feel complete the whole day.

NEEO Messenger has a find friends near me feature that can help you find other NEEO Users. But before you send a friend request, or accept one, check out this person’s profile thoroughly. It’s always better to be safe then sorry!

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