How to Use Instagram Posting Features to Grow Your Audience?

Instagram is an amazing platform to increase your audience. To get more applications using Instagram, you need to use a few tricks when maintaining your account. First, you should analyse your competitors. They can be found by hashtags or geotags. 

There is a ranking in the search section: those accounts that are highlighted at the top of the list are visited by customers most often. They need to be analysed most carefully. For example, you can use different online services to view the statistics of these profiles. Then examine the page and find strengths, weaknesses, advantages. This will make it easier to formulate your USP. 

The second way to increase sales is to post content that will warm up the client. To do this, you should draw up a content plan in advance for both the feed and the stories. It is best to alternate posts: selling, useful, and entertaining in approximately equal proportions.

There is a life hack on how to get more applications. If the post contains a product, you can immediately specify the price in the text. However, if the price is publicly indicated in the post, customers can immediately assess their financial capabilities and compare the price and benefits of the product.

Encourage sales through posts

Here’s how you can further encourage buying through posts:

  • Try to tell stories.It is important not only to show the product, but to tell ready-made cases in the format of a story. Make sure you utilize discord small text for creating quality content. For example, how the purchase changed the life of the new owner;
  • Offer ready-made use cases for the product. For example, if a company sells women’s clothing, a post can demonstrate how and with what to combine a branded dress;
  • Publish product reviews in posts. Even if reviews are regularly posted in stories and stored in the “Relevant” folder, you can duplicate them in a post. First, a post with pictures in the carousel is shown in the feed several times. Secondly, not all followers watch Stories;
  • Talk about new products in the assortment, accompanying the description with advantages. You can immediately indicate to whom and in what situation the new product may be useful;
  • Tell about theEven if there are no products in the assortment that would be more popular than others, the very word “bestseller” attracts the attention of customers. You should post about such products regularly, after 5-6 posts. Each time it is necessary to review the bestseller from a new perspective.

It is important to show the product from all angles. For example, you can upload multiple photos in one post. If the product is photographed from all angles, against different backgrounds, with an emphasis on different details, it will give the impression of a live demonstration. However, if one post contains several photos, the text should remind readers that the carousel can be flipped.


If a video review is additionally filmed for the product, this will stir up the interest of the audience. Long videos are more convenient to post as a separate post or duplicate in a story. In this case, you should think over the scenario of the video review in advance so that it does not look like a regular demonstration of the product on camera.