How to Stop Recurring Payments on the Cash App Card

If you have to pay for a monthly subscription to a service, you have to ensure you’re remitting funds to it every month. Doing that manually can be much of a hassle, which is why payment apps like Cash App issue debit cards that simplify the process of applying for a debit card.

When the service in question no longer interests you, your debit card won’t know that automatically. As long as it’s set up to send money to a certain business every month, you’ll always have to pay that recurring payment every month until you cancel it.

Apart from that, there’s a feature on Cash App that lets you send money to another Cash App user on specific days of the month. This recurring payment feature will always process the transfer for as long as you have the automation set up.

If you noticed, the recurring payments feature and subscribing to a service using your Cash App card work in similar ways. In this article, I’ll go over the process of stopping recurring payments on the Cash App card so you don’t have to pay for services you never use.

How Cash App Recurring Payments Work

A quick Google search should let you realize that recurring payments refer to a scenario where you authorize a merchant to “pull out” funds from your account with a certain regularity for continued access to a particular service. That definition pretty much sums it up.

Some examples of scenarios where you may have used recurring payments include paying for your Netflix subscription or any other subscription-based service out there. Since they typically require you to pay for the service on a monthly service, they all qualify to be referred to as recurring payments.

With all that said, you should also know that merchants typically require you to add a debit or credit card to sign up for a service that involves recurring payments. The cards have a built-in mechanism that lets the merchants charge the card automatically with no action from the cardholder.

To simulate something similar to that, Cash App came up with the idea of the Cash App card; here’s how it works. You create a Cash App account, verify it, and apply for a Cash App card. When it arrives, you can use it for any recurring payment and it works just as well as any other debit card.

Also, you don’t have to worry about adding funds to the card to make the monthly payments; as long as there’s money in your Cash App account, you have all you need to make recurring payments using your card.

Apart from the age-old functionality of bank cards to make recurring payments, there’s also an Auto Add Cash feature that works similarly. However, instead of depositing funds into the account of a merchant, it will send money to your Cash App account from your bank account automatically.

Rest assured, this article will look at stopping recurring payments, both the traditional type and when you’re using the Auto Add Cash feature.

How to Stop Recurring Payments on the Cash App Card

At this point, you already know how recurring payments work on Cash App. However, the title promises to show you how to stop those continuous payments from eating into the funds in your Cash App balance, and that’s exactly what I’ll show you in this section. 

Since I explained two different kinds of recurring payments earlier, you should also expect to see two methods to stop them on Cash App. With that said, here’s how to stop recurring payments on the Cash App card.

Turn off the Auto Add Cash feature

If you’re here, you’re most likely trying to stop your Cash App account from automatically adding funds from your linked bank account. While that’s somewhat different from the traditional understanding of recurring payments, it still qualifies as a recurring payment.

For a quick refresher, the Auto Add Cash feature loads money to your balance from your bank account automatically at intervals, and you can disable it from the Deposits and Transfers section of your account.

To disable this feature, head over to the Banking tab from your home screen. The tab is denoted by the icon of a home in the bottom row. From there, select Deposits and Transfers, and you should see the Auto Add Cash option if you’ve linked your bank account to your Cash App.

The option should have a toggle that you can enable or disable to prevent your bank from automatically loading your Cash App account. Tap on the toggle to turn it off if it’s on already and the automatic payments should stop from that moment.

Cancel your existing subscriptions

Note that the guide above only applies when you set your bank account or card to automatically deposit money to your Cash App account using the Auto Add Cash option. If you intend to cancel a subscription instead, the steps to achieving that goal might differ a bit.

Instead of trying to stop the recurring payment from inside Cash App, you’ll need to contact each of the merchants and cancel the subscription service. If it’s a service like Netflix for instance, you can easily head over to the website and remove your Cash App card as a payment method. You can also cancel your account altogether.

When you do that, you should stop getting charged every month. If you keep getting the recurring payment after canceling your subscription, you may want to contact the App to help you with it before pulling at your hair in anger.


Recurring subscriptions are always convenient until you don’t want to pay them anymore. There and then, you’ll discover that all you needed was a quick guide on how to stop recurring payments on the Cash App card. Fortunately, that’s all this article is offering you.

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