How to start cosplay? Let’s talk together!

From the outside, a well-rounded hobby like Cosplay can seem so complex as to be almost unapproachable, especially if you don’t have friends or acquaintances who can guide us during our first steps towards this world of crafting.

Well, my quest today is to clarify how to venture into the jungle of choices, possibilities and indispensable materials to be able to start building our first pieces.

Remember that there are no real rules to follow when we talk about Cosplay costume, these you are about to read are just my tips to approach this beautiful hobby.

Let’s begin!

The fateful choice of the character

The best thing to start with is to clarify the hundreds of characters that for one reason or another we like and narrow the choice between 2 or 3 and then analyze them well from a construction point of view.

How do we decide what is a good “First Cosplay Project”?

Simple, we just need to follow these three guidelines:

We must like the Character very much. If we really like Genshin Impact, we should focus on Genshin Impact Cosplay because our love for the character will “add soul” to our cosplay, whether we realize it or not. If this were not the case, we could run into the most disparate difficulties. It may happen, for example, that for reasons of work, study or commitments in general, the project can last for a long time and the love for the character keeps our interest in carrying it out alive. Ditto if we had to redo a piece from scratch, even if it were just a pin, if the character is indifferent to us or we don’t like it enough, it will become torture to have to rework ourselves. This is a golden rule we try to always keep it in mind!

It is better to start with projects that are not too complex in order to get results first; being able to get to the bottom of a costume is a huge satisfaction that will boost our mood (a bit like the bar in The Sims) and will increase the desire to start another one right away, so it is important not to throw yourself body and soul into full armor or too complicated props if you are a beginner. There is nothing impossible with the right material and the will to do, so don’t doubt yourself too much before you even begin. Ah, and above all: less complicated does not mean less cool, better a simple job done as it should rather than a job without art or part.

Try to work on your Cosplay consistently; one thing that helps is to make yourself a kind of routine, dedicating maybe an afternoon or two a week, to be able to adjust with your speed of work and organize yourself better and start setting deadlines. Even if you don’t have too much time to dedicate to it, just start with clear ideas and complete one piece at a time.

Are you now ready to start your Cosplay journey?

I hope this short article was helpful for you. Thank you for reading and have a fun day!