What Type of Insulation is Best?

In the simplest of words, insulation is a material utilized to prevent any kind of moisture, electricity, heat, sound, or shock from being transmitted from one location to another. Generally, these materials include insulating cold, heat, sound, or electricity which are confined to certain places of your house. There are various ways you can apply insulation, but the most common method is incorporating substances that contain dozens of tiny pockets of air. Given the fact that air is a perfect insulator, it has the ability to provide high thermal resistance all the time. 

Due to the fact that there are many types of insulations, it might be quite hard for some people to pick out the most suitable options. 

The 4 major types of insulations include – Loose-Fill & Blown-In Insulation, Batt & Roll Insulation, Reflective Insulation & Radiant Barriers, and Spray Foam & Foam-In-Place Insulation. 

Choosing the best one depends on several factors, but the general recommendation is to go for Spray Foam, especially for Attic Insulation. First of all, it is an excellent resource in order to regulate the temperature on summer and winter days. 

What’s more, the air is constantly flowing through the walls and ceiling of your home, so applying spray foam insulation will not only prevent this process but also reduce the traveling of sound in order to make living spaces calmer. One of the most appealing qualities of spray foam insulation is that it does not need complex construction by any means and maintains its position solidly once located. It is a particularly convenient option if you don’t enjoy cold winter or sunny summer days since you will be able to keep the temperature of your house at desired levels. 

Even though spray foam insulation might be a bit expensive compared to other methods, in our opinion, the benefits greatly outweigh the price in this case, and it is absolutely worth every penny. Most importantly, given its ability to reach even the tiniest places, spray foam is capable of deterring moisture so water will never get into your home! Also, when it comes to sunny seasons, spray foam can easily protect you from insects and rodents as they don’t enjoy this surface as a nest or food for that matter. 

One attribute we really want to point out is that spray foam is made of chemical substances that are completely harmless and it is a non-toxic option that even helps people to reduce asthma and allergy symptoms. However, keep in mind that installing spray foam by yourself can be a difficult task, so we strongly recommend reaching out to Ottawa i=Insulation and hiring their professional workers. The company has been operating in this field for more than 25 years and, as a result, earned a highly reputable name. Hence, attic insulation services promise to furnish you with the highest quality and make your living place as comfortable as ever! 

All in all, we think that the best type of insulation is spray foam since you will experience tremendous benefits from the very beginning after its installation in terms of durability, comfort, and a lot of different aspects!