How To Stalk Your Crush On Instagram, Anonymously!

We all know how terrible it feels to have a crush on someone and not have the confidence to ask them out. The butterflies in your stomach make you want to know everything about that special someone. You want to know what their hobbies are, what their favourite cafe is, and most importantly, what’s on their mind.

Thank the universe for all the social media sites like Instagram, where you can actually check out their posts and stories. Instagram gives you a peek into the lives of anyone you want as long as they’re using the social media app themselves. Just one tap, and you can get access to their posts, uploaded pictures, reels and Insta stories.

The wrong way to fall under your crush’s radar

Checking out your crush on Instagram too much will definitely put you on their radar. This will become a problem if you want to remain unseen and undetected. After all, not everyone has the confidence to let their feelings known right off the bat. Some people like taking their time and observing from afar before making their approach.

If you’re that kind of person, constantly watching your crush’s Instagram stories might not be the smart thing to do. If your crush notices your behaviour, they might start involuntary setting up defences. This could potentially tag you as being obsessed, even if they hadn’t formed an opinion on you yet.

Plus, with all that information out in the open, it becomes a little too unromantic when you make your move. You want to surprise them with all your knowledge about their habits and appear as that person who has them figured out. So the objective here is to find out as much as you can about your crush without letting them know you’re stalking them. Unless you’re a super stealthy ninja, this is obviously easier said than done. You should know the ways to watch insta stories anonymously.

The secret to being an invisible stalker

What you need is an Instagram anonymous story viewer that lets you secretly watch anyone’s Insta story without letting them know. Instagram always lets you know who’s been looking at your stories. This makes it impossible to check out someone’s story without giving them the information that you’ve done so.

However, you won’t have this problem anymore with the Instagram anonymous story viewer: IgAnony ! In fact, you won’t even have to use your Instagram account or make a second Instagram account to do this. No account, no information about you; no information, full secrecy.

Simply search Instagram anonymous story viewer on Google, and you should be presented with a few links. Now all you have to do is type in the name of the account you want to stalk, and viola! You can see it all in crystal clear detail. You can also

Not only does this website let you check out people’s stories anonymously, it also lets you see people’s posts. And since you don’t have to use your own account to do this, there won’t be any trace of you. It’s like walking around in public with an invisibility cloak.

Instagram anonymous story viewer has helped countless introverts keep tabs on their crushes without spilling the beans. It practically lets you be invisible on social media and still have the power to keep an eye on everyone else. Needless to say, this is going to level up your stalking game like never before!