Tips and a process for analyzing the competition in local search results in New York

When we are trying to enter the niche of online sales, it is important to analyze our environment and with them the companies that also compete with us especially in the Local Search Results, because after all in Local SEO services in New York what matters is to appear among the first options.

We are not telling you to steal their products or their strategies, but you have to analyze what they are doing and why and how it works for them, in order to improve it and apply some of that to us to move up the ladder. From investigating your competitor’s weaknesses, to taking their strengths and improving them, there are multiple benefits in analyzing the company next to you. And today we’ll explain how to do it and how to take advantage of each tip. Let’s get started!

Pinpoint the most important competitors in your niche or sector

There is a possibility that you consider that your competitors are those companies that are the first option in the search engine, but they are not necessarily them. Some of them have been there for many years and have paid to be there, but if you are starting out, you should look at the ones that are below the first one, among the first five searches.

To know who your competition is in the Local search results, you will only have to put in Google those words for which you should appear in the search engines. For example, “Hotel in New York” and from there determine who is more likely to be reviewed and what you can take advantage of their websites.

Analyze your competitors’ websites

Following the previous step, you have to analyze even the negative. Think like a shopper, you go to the site and analyze if it loads on time, how well the content is or what structure you like. If as a buyer you like something in particular, such as, for example, the comments section when reading an article, you know what you can add and improve yours. This is something that a professional digital marketing agency in New York can help.

Also, try not to repeat the mistakes they have, you are not there to steal ideas but to improve the ones they already had but did not develop well before they realize it.

Study your buyer persona

If you don’t have a marketing team, it’s time to start building one. Knowing who the buyer persona of your company and your competitors is can guide you to the best strategies for each type of clientele.

If you think you need to attract the type of audience your competitors have, you need to see firsthand what strategies they used to create their community. Not all people respond to the same stimuli.

Analyze your competitor’s keywords.

In the case of those who appear in the first searches, you should study which are those keywords for which they are so high in the Local Search Results, in order to imitate them in case you have the possibility and increase the ones you have already thought of for your particular business.

Investigate those keywords that have low competition and high volume to benefit from them and advance in your positioning strategy.

Study your competitors’ social networks

Don’t just limit yourself to their websites, going into their social networks and seeing which ones are working best for them (whether Instagram, Twitter or Facebook) is a good idea to save energy and know which one to focus on the most, because after all, they are in the same location and have practically the same type of buyers. Unless they are different themes.

Using the right social networks you can increase the Branded SEO of your brand, and this is something very important since this is the positioning in the different search engines under the name of your own brand. That is, it will no longer be through keywords but through terms that allege your own brand.

Social networks are there for you to make your business better known through your brand, and for users to recognize you and have you as their first recommendation and above all to remember your name enough to be able to search for you in search engines.

Look for the contents that generate the most web traffic for them

It is common that when trying to overcome some positions in the Local Search results we create some articles to add valuable content for users, and although it is important that it is original, you can check above which are the best served in other brands and try to implement it in your content without plagiarism.

Study user behavior

You should look at the behavior of users in your company and your competitors to see what you can copy that may be useful to yours, whether comments, likes, feedback. Most users follow a pattern every time they enter a website and that is through the structure of the designer and the marketing team, and this not only happens with online stores, it happens even with physical stores, where objects are placed on a specific side of the store for people to go through. So by analyzing a little more what is the pattern of operation that leads to buy in that store, maybe you can apply something in yours that does the same but with your own style. Let’s say you will take “Inspiration” from the competition.

Find out the keywords they are paying for.

Believe it or not, it is very common to be paid to appear among the highest search engine results. And this generates a lot of traffic to the website, although it does not always ensure that you will sell.

If you determine PPC keywords through attention to content or on-page links, you can use it on your site without having to pay. It won’t increase you to the top lists, but it will certainly jump you up a few spots.