How To Select The Right Dog For Your Family

There are so many different dogs to choose from; how do you know which is best for you? Follow the advice below and you can quickly figure out what dog is a perfect fit for your family. 

Consider The Size

One of the most important considerations when getting a dog is choosing the right size for your home and lifestyle. You shouldn’t get fixated on a particular size dog without carefully thinking about what it will be like to live with the pup. 

It’s important to think about how a large or small dog will fit in your daily routine. 

If you live in an apartment and have lots of dog toys to keep him busy, a small dog could be a good choice. But small dogs can also bark a lot and be afraid because of their size. And if you are in a cold climate, small dogs are more affected by freezing temperatures. 

On the other hand, a large dog usually needs more space and exercise to be happy. If you have a large, happy pup, you could need more space for them to wag that powerful tail! 

Another factor with dog size is the cost. Generally, a larger dog costs more because you need more food, supplies, and medical care. 

Training also is important to think about. If you get a German shepherd or other large breed and don’t train him, you could be overwhelmed with a big, headstrong dog. 

For many dog owners, a medium-sized dog is a great choice. 

Think About The Age

Many people get a puppy, and who doesn’t love those cute little guys? But puppies require more work at the beginning to housebreak and train. A puppy is a lot of work over the initial six months, and not all of us have a work schedule that allows for that. 

A young dog will probably have accidents in the home and can chew your shoes and furniture. These issues tend to fade with age and training, but you need to be patient. 

On the other hand, an adult dog that is housebroken can be a fine choice for those with limited time. But be sure to gauge the adult dog’s energy level and temperament before making a commitment. 

Which Breed? 

Many Americans choose purebred dogs because they want a dog that looks or acts in a certain way. You may have been raised around a collie or Airdale and be most comfortable with that particular breed. 

Others want a certain breed because they read about it. If you choose a purebred, make sure you do a lot of research so you know everything you can. Every purebred has its quirks, temperament, and health issues. 

It’s also important to check if the breed is a fit with your family’s lifestyle, and not every dog gets along well with other dogs. 

What About Lifespan? 

It’s important to remember that some breeds only live seven or eight years. Do you want to become attached to an animal that doesn’t live a long time? Others may live to 15 and beyond. 

Most dog owners say the most difficult part of ownership is saying goodbye at the end of the dog’s life. And if you get a rescue dog, you may not ever know its exact age. 

How Much Care? 

All dogs need more care than say, a cat. But some dog types need more care than others. Do you have enough time and energy to walk an energetic dog four times per day? Can you afford the grooming that a particular dog will need? 

Remembering these critical tips will help you get the right dog for your family. 


TBN Editor

Time Business News Editor Team