How to Grow Your Marijuana Indoors

Growing marijuana is now the current trend in most parts of the world as more states are legalizing marijuana. However, most of the marijuana growers usually face a lot of challenges more especially on the best strain to grow.

Also, a good number of marijuana growers don’t know whether to grow their weed indoors or outdoors.  More people have developed a desire to start their career as marijuana farmers congratulations on that. Growing your weed indoor presents a unique set up that can only be met when you do your work with passion and commitment.

As a newbie to indoor growing, there is a lot of information out there for you to study on how to grow your weed, Although the information available is too complex and wide with a lot of information that can be too complex to read and understand.

But, that should not make you lose hope as a new hobbyist to marijuana growing. Since we care about you, here is a simple guide that we have developed after careful analysis of the required information to help grow your weed indoors easily without any difficulty.

Design your cannabis grow room

Starting with first things first. As a cannabis indoor grower, the first step that you take is to create space that is suitable for you to grow your weed. The space that you create must not necessarily be a room; it can as well be a tent, cabinet, spare room, or a corner in an unfinished basement. However, it is always essential to keep in mind that you will have to tailor your plants and equipment to fit into your space.

Also, it is important to start small because it is easier to closely monitor the crops, less costly to set up, and also your mistakes will be less costly.

Choose your lights to grow cannabis

The quality of light that will be availed in your grow room is the first environmental factor that will affect the quality and quantity of your yield. Thus it is a good idea to go for the best growth light. Here is a break down of the popularly used grow lights;

  • HID grow lights – they are industry-standard lights with a great combination of output, efficiency, and value.
  • Fluorescent grow lights – the fluorescent light fixtures are common with small scale growers because they don’t require a cooling system and also because they are cheaper.
  • LED grow lights – LED grow lights have existed for a while however they have been recently adapted to create super-efficient lighting fixtures that support indoor growth. The LEDs last longer and use less electricity.

Provide air for your cannabis plants

While carbon dioxide (CO2) is needed by plants for the process of photosynthesis, plants also require air to thrive. That mean that your grow room requires a steady stream of airflow.  The airflow can be easily achieved by an exhaust fan that can be placed near the top of your grow space to remove warm air and also a filtered air inlet near the floor on the opposite side.

Choose your climate controls and monitors

After carefully selecting your climate control equipment and lights, you are required to automate their functions. However, there are sophisticated units that are available for the control of light, humidity, temperatures, and CO2 levels. A beginner will need a 24 hours timer for the light and a thermostat switch that is adjustable.

Decide on your medium of growth

Growing your weed indoors gives you a lot of options on the growth medium to choose from. You can decide to use good old pots full of soil or rockwool slab in a hydroponic tray. Putting into consideration that each growth medium has its benefits and drawbacks.

Pick a container

The type of container that you will use to grow plants will depend on the medium that you choose, the system, and the size of your plants. Remember drainage is crucial for your plants as they are sensitive to waterlog conditions so if you’re planning to repurpose other containers be sure to drill the holes in the bottom and set them on the trays.

Feed cannabis plant with nutrients

For you to grow high-quality cannabis flowers, you will require more fertilizers and nutrients than in most crops. Your cannabis plants need the following primary nutrients; phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium. Also, your cannabis plants need the following micronutrients as well in smaller quantities; iron, calcium, magnesium, and copper.

Water your cannabis plants

Most people don’t mind the water that they use for their plants. They assume that if you can drink the water, then it is fine for your plants, isn’t it? Well depending on your location that is not an issue. However, some water contains a high amount of dissolved minerals that can build up in the roots of the plants and affect the rate of the nutrient uptake or it may contain fungus or pathogens and that aren’t harmful to people but can lead to root disease. Additionally, in some places, water contains high levels of chlorine that can be harmful to beneficial soil microbes.

What are the benefits of growing weed indoors?

  • High-quality weed – whoever it’s more resource-intensive than growing outdoors.
  • Adaptability – do you live in an apartment or small house? Good news you can practically grow your weed anywhere.
  • Multiple harvests – unlike outdoor growing you’re not tied to the sun and the seasons hence as an indoor grower you can harvest multiple times.
  • Security and privacy – even in legal States you may want to hide your crop from judgemental neighbors as well as thieves thus, growing indoors is the best option.

What are some of the strains that can be grown indoors?

There are multiple strains of cannabis seeds that can be grown indoors. Here is a list of the most common:

Royal Gorilla seeds

Green gelato seeds

Amnesia haze seeds

Purple haze seeds

Just something little about the purple haze seeds. The strain is known as one of the most powerful strains of cannabis.  Purple haze plant when smoked, it produces immediate and powerful Effects. Many folks have likened the experience to that of a rushing, soaring, and euphoric experience.

Take away

Growing your weed indoors requires one to be careful of the strain he/she chooses, light control, and everything else. When one follows the right procedure then as a farmer, he will be able to produce high-quality plants that are in high demand thus giving back good returns.

Alexa Josh

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