What is the process of collecting marijuana scientifically?

When you looking for plucking off the male cannabis, you need to bend it a little and spread a parchment paper on the ground. Do not forget to wear gloves otherwise, it will stick to your finger. You can begin this process in the early morning where the flower is fresh. If you want to experience the detailing, wear the goggles to finely place all the pollen on the paper. Once you collect all onto the parchment paper, try to remove all the pollen from the weed and fold the paper into a triangle shape to pour this into a transparent jar. Perform this process carefully and at every stage ensure that the containers and other equipment used are cleaned properly. There should not be any residue or odor left behind.


Things which you should not do irrespective of whatever containers you select:

  • Do not keep your bud open or spread on the table. It may catch up with the heat, humidity, and light.
  • You must not place the weeds next to any electronic equipment. It too reflects heat and warmth that squeezes its structure.
  • The problem of mild dew and mold are always found with marijuana. Therefore, to avoid this, avoid storing into refrigerators.
  • Never place your bud on the icebox or ice plate. This will reduce the amount of THC Trichomes, leaving it for no further use.
  • You must not add the skins of fruits to the bud to collect the flavor and essence. Unnecessarily, it will destroy the natural freshness by welcoming moisture and mists.


How to maintain freshness with the weeds?

Collecting and storing the weed and keeping it fresh is a complex thing where most of the pot smokers failed to do so. It all begins with separating the cannabis flower from pollen that requires attention to detail. While preserving the quality of weed, various factors come into account where they add value to their life. Therefore, you must not ignore these points in any way. Also, if you are looking for how to keep your weedfresh heavenly, follow these easy and breezy process for a perfect and not so moist stash.

Glass jars are ideal for preserving the weeds

Glass Jars are often considered as an ideal option for preserving the weed. They offer a feature of tight sealing that restricts the rampant growth of bacteria and other microscopic elements. This also prevents the interaction of the external environment. However, these glass jars have adhered with a rubber-based seal that eliminates the exposure to any bacterial expansion from your weeds.

  • No possibility of sweat
  • Keeps your weed dry and fresh
  • Clean the container before pouring
  • Swipe dry cloth over the rubber seals

You can re-use the medicinal containers

Glass jars are always a good option but, if you do not have, you can use medicinal bottles. They are specially designed for the medicines to keep them free from contamination. Also, it contains a steroid that requires care and attention while storing. And, there is the same purpose behind preserving the weeds. You can rightly store them into the medicinal bottle. So, next time, keep it clean and place it in a secure place so you can re-use it. Collect a few ideas as to how to keep your weedfreshwith different types of containers that can be served as a multi-purpose.

  • Easy to carry anywhere and anytime
  • Ensure that the container is dry and well-sanitized
  • Check out the presence of odor


Storing in refrigerators reduces the nutritional value

Not every time you place things in the refrigerator holds nutritional value. This is the misconception with many smokers. However, it may go right with vegetables and fruits and other sauces but not for weeds. If you place them into the fridge, it will lose all the nutritional value. Also, the chances of contamination are very high. Therefore, do not waste your buds and stop placing them inthe wrong place.

Sunlight curl up the weeds and affect the aroma

Weeds are very much reactive to the sunlight. If you place them under the sun or in the garden, the portion of terpenes and cannabinoids will start melting. The dried herb will start curling up altogether leaving pale spots everywhere. Therefore, determine the surrounding place where you are placing the pack of weeds. It should not be close to the oven or microwave or gas stove. If you store in the kitchen, keep it into the cupboard where there is coolness.

Keep your weed alone

This is the special tip for all the homegrown weeds that not to mix up other organic herbs with the jar. Keep your herb in one jar privately, otherwise, it will give birth to mild and mold. For the same reason, place it into a dark corner so it does not become too hard.

Preserving weeds is extremely important and thus, consider these points to maintain quality and natural effects.