How to Fix Common Mac Problems: 5 Top Tips

If you’re using a Mac laptop, you’re likely aware of its reliability and security. However, there are some common Mac problems that irritate users and slow down productivity. This article will explore how to fix a laptop that is slowing down or performing poorly. 

If you see frequent stalls, freezes, or lockups, read on for five fixes for Mac problems. 

1. My Mac Won’t Turn On

There is a famous story about a Mac user who spent thousands of dollars trying to fix a laptop that wouldn’t turn on. He took it to numerous repair experts, but no one could seem to fix the problem. Finally, a technician tried adjusting the screen brightness by tapping the appropriate key on the keyboard.

Yes, that was the fix. Always check the screen brightness keys if your Mac laptop screen is black. It might save you time and money with a repair shop.

2. How to Fix a Laptop When Apps Are Stuck

Every once in a while, an app on your Mac will get stuck and unresponsive. No matter what you click on, it just won’t respond. You might not be able to close the app, either.

This is where Force Quit comes in. Just hold down the command-escape-option keys to bring up the Force Quit command. This should close out the app and let you start again.

3. I Lost My Files

Sometimes you accidentally delete a file or folder. Other times a system crash or OS update will erase a directory. It’s important to always backup your files using the included Time Machine app and an external drive or online service. 

In rare cases, your Mac laptop may experience a catastrophic failure that is beyond repair. In this case, the most important step is data recovery. Data recovery experts can help you rescue your files from a crashed or failing hard drive.

4. Where Is My WiFi?

Most laptop users rely on WiFi to connect with email, internet, and file servers. A frequent issue, and one of the most common Mac OS Catalina problems, is WiFi connection errors.

If your Mac is dropping its connection to your WiFi, try turning WiFi off and back on. You can find a shortcut to your WiFi connection in the menu bar at the top of your screen.

Still not working? Open the Network panel in System Preferences and delete the WiFi hotspots in the list. Reconnect and sign in to your WiFi connection, and you should be good to go.

5. The Beach Ball

The spinning multi-colored beach ball on a Mac is a dreaded sight. It appears on your screen when your Mac is trying to complete a task that is taking longer than expected. It usually means something is slowing things down.

To remedy this Mac problem, try closing out any open apps you aren’t currently using. Close excess browser tabs to free up memory. Finally, if all else fails, restart your computer. 

Most of the Time, It Just Works

Apple’s famous catchphrase, “it just works” is almost always true, but there are times when things go wrong. Knowing how to fix a laptop when these common issues arise will help you stay productive. For more technology tips and tricks, explore the rest of our site.