How to Find a Fake Air Jordan 1

To avoid a fake Air Jordan 1, there are several things that you should look for. Listed below are the common mistakes of a fake Air Jordan 1. These include inconsistencies in the Jumpman logo and in the shape of the shoe. Additionally, you should check for the Nike swoosh on the insole. Hopefully, this article will help you spot a fake Air Jordan 1 and avoid the embarrassment and financial loss that comes with it.

Common mistakes in a fake Air Jordan 1

One of the most obvious fakes comes in the form of a bulky, over-inflated heel. While the real ones have a curve, fakes have a straight, flat heel. Look for two things: the shape of the outsole and the swoosh. The heel should have a curved bottom, and the central tab should be shaped like a small rectangle. The stitching on the shoe should be equally spaced and centered.

– A good replica of an Air Jordan 1 has an authentic tongue. This is due to the arc and padding that it features. A fake’s tongue lacks the proper shape, and it may have just one or two of these. Despite the arc, a fake’s tongue also lacks two trademark logos. The stitching on a fake’s tongue is also different. The stitching is often off.

Despite its slim profile, the Jumpman logo on a fake Air Jordan 1 is more pronounced than on a real one. The real version has a wing-like logo that never touches the stitching. Moreover, the font used for the Jumpman logo is thicker on the fake than on the original. The fake also uses a lighter shade of red. This color variation is due to the differences in lighting.

You can check whether the Jumpman logo is inscribed with the real or fake version by comparing the details of the two. Inconsistencies are common when buying counterfeits, and can be easily identified by the inconsistency of the Jumpman logo. While the original logo has a clean edge, the fake one often has loose threads hanging around it. It also has different colors and placements. Visit to buy a pair of Fake Air Jordan 1 in handsome price.

Shape of the shoe

The shape of a fake Air Jordan 1 can easily be detected by comparing its upper and lower sections. The genuine one’s upper section should be wider than its lower section. The shape of a fake Air Jordan 1 is characterized by an uneven upper section and a curved center. This difference is apparent when comparing two identical pairs. In order to identify a fake, examine the shape of its upper section. The upper section should not be narrower than its lower section or wider than its center section.

The stitching on an authentic Air Jordan 1 should be consistent and uniform. The stitching on a fake one is much longer than its retail counterpart. The real wing logo has equal-sized stitches on its panels. The wing logo of the real Air Jordan 1 is steeper than that of the replica. The distance between the wing logo and the panels is wider in the fake one. This difference should make it easy to identify a fake from an authentic.