How to cut bangs?

Your hair grows an inch a month, more or less depending on the season. In the case of forehead fringes, this is the decisive centimeter, which then becomes a kind of visual impairment: You can no longer see the world outside because of all the hair.

If there is no spontaneous appointment available at the hairdresser, it is good if you can cut the bangs yourself.

3 rules for trimming the bangs yourself

Rule No. 1:   Contrary to all opinions, I always advise against buying professional scissors – my tip: do not use large scissors (paper scissors), but rather use nail scissors, as the risk of cutting away too much with one cut is much lower a small cutting surface.

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Rule No. 2: Never cut the bangs horizontally. That should only be done by professionals. It is much easier and safer to shorten the bangs vertically with very small cuts! So you automatically have a softer effect.

Rule No. 3: Always cut a little longer than you actually want. It is better to cut a little more often than once too much.

  • Regardless of whether it should be a beveled, rounded or straight bangs, I recommend cutting some kind of guideline. That means, very carefully clamp the hair between the index finger and middle finger exactly in the middle of the pony and cut vertically from below as close as possible on the fingers in small cuts until the desired length is reached.
  • The same is done on the sides in the desired length. Ultimately, you connect the sides with the middle – always pinch hair between your fingers and cut the connection.
  • Better to leave the pony a little longer than too short. Never work horizontally with large scissors!

Tip:  The further you hold the strand away from your face, the less precise and softer the bangs will be. Never cut wet hair – this distorts the natural fall of the hair and the desired length is also much less apparent when cutting (dry hair is approx. 1 cm shorter).