How to lose weight fast without exercise?

First of all there are some basic exercises, practicable every day without any tools, and especially during daily life : “moving” constantly in this way, losing weight will be a much faster process than you think. Exercises to dedicate a specific hour to are of great support, but it is even better if they are based on an active and non-sedentary lifestyle.

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  • Walking: The most “do it yourself” exercise that exists. And, perhaps for this reason, too often taken for granted or even forgotten: walking even short distances (such as the road to work, or to accompany the children to school) helps a lot, both to lose weight and to maintain an optimal and constant shape over time. If for work reasons you find yourself walking a little, a solution for when you are at home is to walk on the spot .
  • Taking the stairs: A similar reasoning to the previous one. If there aren’t too many floors, if you don’t carry heavy weights, why not hobble a bit? the upward motion, which defies gravity, burns even more fat than just walking.
  • The bicycle: A healthy (and ecological) alternative to walking when the road ahead is greater. It puts your arms and legs in great motion, helps you stay toned and makes you lose weight quickly .
  • The step: i.e. the continuous ascent and descent from a slight rise , first with one leg and then with the other. These exercises are very simple to do even without the tool, as it is enough to practice on a step of the stairs , and they burn a lot of fat even in a few minutes of training.

Exercises to lose weight quickly:

The belly can be a “sticking point” for many people.

How to reduce waist size easily and in a short time?

Also in this case, in addition to physical exercises, it is possible to adopt some small precautions in everyday life that will help make a difference.

Here is what they are:

  • Drink as much water as possible
  • Avoid alcohol and fizzy drinks
  • Eat slowly 
  • Eat several times a day in small quantities including snacks to stop hunger

In addition to these good habits, it is however recommended to introduce exercises.

A constant workout, with at least two weekly sessions, is perfect for achieving the goal of fast belly slimming.

Total body toning with cardio is one of the best training methods both to lose weight quickly and to improve the appearance and general health of the body and organism.

It takes 20 minutes twice a week to get a great result.

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