4 Free and Easy Methods to Convert JPG to PDF on PC and Mobile

The Adobe PDF document is now accepted as arguably the best portable format in electronic submissions, and the need for sending and sharing PDFs in the business field is constantly rising. In some instances, the image-based information needs a professional touch, and that’s when you need to convert JPG to PDF.

For users on different devices, this article will provide 4 free and easy methods to convert JPG to PDF on computers and mobile phones. Whether you’re connected to the internet or not, I believe you’ll find a good option for you.

Method 1. How to Convert JPG to PDF Online Using PDFgear

From our editor’s point of view, the easiest way to convert JPG to PDF, and conduct other types of PDF conversions, is by using an online converter tool like PDFgear. 

PDFgear is a free and powerful online PDF converter tool that supports 300+ PDF-related conversions, and it works on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, and Android phones.

With the practical and useful image-to-PDF conversion feature it has to offer, you can easily change JPG to PDF on computers and mobile phones, for example, converting screenshots to PDF, whether it’s on PC or mobile.

Step 1. Upload JPG to the Converter

On your computer or mobile phone, go to the online PDFgear JPG to PDF Converter, and hit the Choose files button to upload the JPG you need to convert.

Alt= Go to PDFgear JPG to PDF Converter

Step 2. Convert JPG to PDF in PDFgear

You can add one or more JPG images to the converter, when you’re ready, hit Convert to start the conversion.

ALT= Convert JPG to PDF in PDFgear

Step 3. Download Converted PDF

The conversion will be done in seconds. Then click the Download button to download the converted PDF document to your device.

ALT= Download the Converted PDF Document

Method 2. How to Convert JPG to PDF on Mac Using Preview

For Mac users, the PDF reader app Preview on your Macbook or Mac computer is also a good help in converting JPGs to PDFs. That means you don’t even have to install any software or ask for help from other third-party tools, the inbuilt option work for Mac users already.

Since Mac Preview offers flexible options in the PDF pages, you can convert JPG to PDF in the way you want.

Step 1. Open the JPG image you need to convert to PDF with the Preview app.

Step 2. If you have imported multiple JPG images, select them all using the thumbnails to the right.

Step 3. Go to the File table and then click Print at the bottom of the options.

Step 4. In the Print settings window, you can choose the favored Printer, Presets, Pages, and more.

Step 5. Click on the blue Print button and the selected images will be printed to the document format PDF. And now you have converted JPG to PDF on Mac!

ALT= Convert JPG to PDF in Preview

Method 3. How to Convert JPG to PDF Offline Using PDFgear Desktop

Since PDFgear is an all-in-one PDF management tool, you’ll find other practical features like annotating PDFs, highlighting PDFs, flattening PDFs, compressing PDFs, unlocking PDFs, etc.

With the PDFgear Desktop JPG to PDF converter tool, you get to convert multiple JPG images to one or more PDF documents in a few clicks. And if you have images in other formats, PDFgear has also got you covered. 

And as PDFgear Desktop is one of the best free PDF editors for Windows and Mac, the feature-rich PDF editor tool it’s packed with will also blow your mind. 

Step 1. Download and install PDF from PDFgear’s official website, a simple Google search will lead you there.

Step 2. From the main UI of the PDFgear Desktop, Go to the PDFgear Desktop Image to PDF converter tool.

ALT= Import JPG to PDFgear

Step 3. Hit the Add Files button to import one or more JPGs into the PDFgear Desktop Image to PDF converter.

Step 4. Customize the output file folder underneath, and hit the red Convert button to start converting all JPGs to PDFs in batch.

Convert JPG to PDF in PDFgear

Hint: The PDFgear Image to PDF converter tool supports different types of image formats including JPG, PNG, HEIC, and more.

Method 4. How to Convert JPG to PDF on Mobile Using Photos

On your iPhone or Android mobile phone, you can also easily save JPG, PNG, or HEIC images to the Adobe document format PDF. All you need is a bit of the trick and the gallery app Photos.

The following is a detailed step-by-step guide to converting JPG to PDF on mobile phones using the Photos app.

Step 1. Open the Photos app on your mobile phone, here I’ll use my iPhone as an example.

Step 2. Go to the album with the images you want to convert to PDF, and select them all.

Step 3. Hit the Share button from the lower-left side, and hit the Print button from the bottom of the options.

Step 4. From Printer Options, long press the image to see the Preview of the PDF.

Step 5. Then click the Notes button from the sharing window to save the output PDF to the Notes app.

ALT= Convert JPG to PDF in PDFgear in Photos

Additionally, the PDFgear online JPG to PDF converter also works with mobile phones, so you can also use a web browser like Safari on your iPhone to convert JPG to PDFs as well!


So that will be all about this post, and I hope you like it. With the 4 introduced methods, I believe you can easily change JPG, PNG, GIF, and other types of image files into PDF documents. Once again, all introduced methods are completely free, so I recommend you give them a try.