How safe are children’s electric cars?

In a somewhat older test, however, Stiftung Warentest examined many different children’s toys for their pollution. Unfortunately, the test portal came to the conclusion that many manufacturers do not comply with the legal regulations and that in addition to a sometimes high pollutant load, there were also other safety deficiencies.

When electric cars for children became more popular in the 90s, buying a hoverboard there was a lot of criticism for poor safety precautions for children. However, with modern children’s vehicles, you will find a lot of safety features.

These include seat belts, remote controls, and waterproof motors. However, you should always keep an eye on your child when playing with one of the electric vehicles, unless they play in their own garden or in a fenced area.

Must the cars be assembled?

Since an electric children’s car is usually very compactly designed, it is delivered pre-assembled. Only the wheels and the driver’s seat often have to be fastened. However, no special tools are necessary for this, and assembly is easy even for untalented craftsmen.

Up to what weight can the ROLLPLAY BMW M8 GTE electric car be loaded?

This electric car from ROLLPLAY can be loaded up to a weight of 35 kg and is therefore in the middle of our electric car comparison. It is well suited for children between three and six years old.

What material are the tires of the children’s vehicle from Actionbikes Motors made of?

According to the seller, the model Mercedes Benz has tires with a soft rubber ring.

What is the maximum speed to drive with the children’s electric car?

The Audi Q7 model enables a speed of up to 7 km/h thanks to the 12-volt battery.

How fast can the electric car drive?

The Actionbikes Motors SuperSport electric car reaches a child-friendly speed of 6 km/h. The integrated seat belt ensures optimum safety while driving.

Can the doors of the electric car be opened for children by Mercedes?

No, the doors of the electric car for children from Mercedes cannot be opened. Instead, the child can get into the car from above.

How many children can be accommodated in the electric car Actionbikes Motors Jeep Wrangler Offroad?

Compared to other models, this electric car from Actionbikes is suitable for two children. The maximum payload is 55 kg. Seat belts are also available.

What grades did the individual electric cars for children receive in our comparison?

You can choose your personal electric car for the children’s test winner from the following list:

First place – satisfactory: Children’s car from Homcom – exemplary Internet price: 350 Euro

Second place – good: Actionbikes Motors Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG from Actionbikes Motors – exemplary Internet price: 130 Euro

Third place – good: Actionbikes Motors Mercedes Benz GLA 45 from Actionbikes Motors – exemplary Internet price: 150 Euro

Fourth place – good: Lexus LC 500 from Daliya – exemplary Internet price: 200 Euro

Fifth place – good: Actionbikes Motors Children’s electric car Audi Q7 4M Highdoor from Actionbikes Motors – exemplary Internet price: 270 Euro

Sixth place – good: Actionbikes Motors Audi R8 Spyder from Actionsbikes Motors – exemplary Internet price: 250 Euro

Seventh place – good: Actionbikes Motors SuperSport from Actionbikes Motors – exemplary Internet price: 130 Euro

Eighth place – good: Actionbikes Motors Children’s electric car Mercedes ML 350 from Actionbikes Motors – exemplary Internet price: 170 Euro

Ninth place – good: BMW M8 GTE from Rollplay – exemplary Internet price: 250 Euro

Tenth place – very good: Jaguar electric children’s car from Costway – exemplary Internet price: 200 Euro

The majority of the compared cheap electric cars for children were convincing due to the high to very high quality, because of the 13 products from the electric car for children’s comparison, only one differs by the grade “satisfactory”. Furthermore, we were able to count 4 “very good” electric cars for children and 8 more “good” electric cars for children.

Most “good” and “very good” electric cars for children’s models, namely 7 pieces, send the electric cars for children’s brand Actionbikes Motors into the race.


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