How Route Optimization Software Could Transform Your Business

With customers expecting faster deliveries and the rising costs of transportation, it’s never been a better time to refurbish your route management system. Find out how a route optimization software can help you do exactly that, plus the benefits and challenges it brings.

What is Route Optimization?

Route optimization involves establishing and implementing the most efficient route for your fleet. It takes into account the amount of stops, the traffic, variable paths and all other factors that affect the vehicle’s delivery speed. Without an effective software system, this process is destined to fail. A route optimization software can provide centralized communications, vehicle tracking and real-time notifications and updates for drivers, while using algorithms to find the quickest route. Investing in a quality software solution will save you time and money by reducing vehicle and fuel usage, along with cutting down distance traveled. With a proper system, you can expect a 16% increase in profits. Keep reading to find out how.

Benefits of Using a Route Optimization Software

Vehicle Tracking

A good route optimization software will enable you to track your entire fleet, so you’ll never have to wonder where a vehicle is. It also means you can assign jobs to the courier who is in the best position to handle it, and with the algorithms and automated technology, you won’t even have to put in the effort to decide. With a software system like Detrack’s Tap to Track, you’re guaranteed to have access to all the essential features like vehicle tracking, real-time notifications and live-map view. What’s more, Detrack is integrated with ElasticRoute: a powerful routing software designed to help larger enterprises create thousands of optimized routes in seconds. This will not only allow for time savings for your business, but also for your customers.

Shipment Analytics

The automated management of route optimization is one of the major benefits of a good software system. It allows for the collation of route information by extracting data from live driver tracker updates. All of these sources provide reliable material to automatically identify the quickest routes for drivers – in real-time. This will reduce the number of delayed deliveries and increase the amount of successful shipments.


The time and financial savings are one of the biggest benefits that come with route optimization software. By increasing the efficiency of vehicles, you’ll not only save money from gas used sitting in traffic or taking the longer route, but also from the repeat business from satisfied customers. When your fleet is more efficient, customers take note and considering that  68% of customers wouldn’t give repeat business following a bad experience, it’s essential not to neglect the importance of an efficient service. Inefficient planning should be a thing of the past, and with a quality route optimization software, it can be.

Challenges of Route Optimization Software


Even the most advanced technology isn’t perfect. It’s often impossible to predict last minute delays such as traffic conditions, accidents, and road work.. But it’s not always unavoidable, often it can be inadequate data collation that causes inaccuracy. That’s why it’s essential to choose a comprehensive software solution like Detrack, to ensure you’re getting the most recent and wide-spread information. Issues of human error can also arise, for instance if the driver misinterprets the route this will disrupt the entire process. That’s where a user-friendly system comes in handy. Detrack offers a software solution that is easy to navigate for all levels of technology know-how. This way, complex systems won’t trip up your drivers.


A major deterrent for businesses to invest in a route optimization software is the cost. It can be hard to sustain high prices, especially in the early stages before you really start to see the financial payoff of a good system. That’s where Detrack comes in – we offer an affordable solution that doesn’t compromise on the essential features of a good route optimization software.


One of the major problems that arise when choosing a route optimization software solution is dealing with slow, tedious or lagging apps. This will impact logistics, have significant financial costs and waste not only the time of your employees, but also your customers. An inefficient system can be devastating to your business and may have just the opposite effect of what a route optiization software should have. A good service will transform your logistics and improve management across all aspects of the company – from internal communications to the delivery process. The features that are essential to any quality software system includes automated optimization, vehicle tracking and real-time notifications.