How to Choose the Perfect Size Rental Car for Your Needs?

If you plan a business or getaway trip in Western Australia, the best option will be cheap car hire Perth. Selecting the most suitable car proves tricky at times. Typically, travellers check whether the car has enough space to place their luggage and make a choice based on that. However, there are other factors, and car categories change according to rental companies. For example, a car can be categorised as an economy car by one company, while other companies may categorise it as a standard car. So, while making your choice, you have to consider three key factors: the purpose of your trip, the number of people going with you, and the budget. This blog discusses these factors in more detail.

Consider the Purpose of Your Trip

The purpose of your trip will play a crucial role in selecting the size of the car you rent. Say, if you plan to go on a family holiday, a two-seater convertible will not be an ideal choice. You will have to check how many seats are available in the vehicle to accommodate everyone.
Before you start, count the number of heads to help you have a mental image of the perfect car size.

When you go for a business trip to a small town or a big city, renting a compact car will be the best option. You will be required to keep your vehicle in a proper parking area and drive skilfully to avoid any collision in the city. A compact car will suit these purposes.

On the other hand, if you have to drive continuously for several hours or drive through rural regions, choosing a larger car will be beneficial. Cars like Mitsubishi Outlander and Nissan X-Trail have larger capacity engines and thus, can be the perfect models for a long drive.

Go through the vehicle categories below to check whether they suit your requirements.

• Small Cars: Small cars are also termed compact or mini cars, perfectly accommodating two adults and two standard luggage. Because of the size, these cars do not provide sufficient leg space. Typically, they have two doors, with some like Kia Cerato and Suzuki Baleno having four doors.

• Standard Cars: These cars can accommodate a maximum of five people. You will also have enough space to keep your suitcases and luggage. So, if you are going on a family trip, you may hire a standard car.

• Full-Size Cars: A full-size car is a seven-seater car that offers sufficient space for two or more suitcases.

SUV Cars: A maximum of seven adults can be accommodated in an SUV car. Because these cars are large enough to provide plenty of leg space, they are an ideal option for trips taking several hours.

• People Movers: With a capacity to accommodate eight to nine people, people movers are the largest of all. Typical examples include Hyundai iMax and Volkswagen Caravelle.

Another option offered by many rental companies is the luxury car. A luxury car has the same size as a standard vehicle, but renting it will allow you to access some luxury items like Android Auto music players, voice control, Apple CarPlay, etc.

Check the Number of People Going with You

While most cars can accommodate a maximum of five adults, you will never have the same leg space in every car. Boot space will not be an issue when two people are travelling. In that case, you will also have the option to use the back seat to keep one luggage.
But, if you have a large group with you, taking fewer bags and hiring a larger car will make sense.

Besides the number of passengers, considering the number of bags is also necessary. You must check if the car has enough space inside to fit all the passengers’ bags. While roof bars can carry luggage, you must avoid using them. You should also not leave your valuables in the back seat because it can lead to thefts, and if you do not have proper insurance cover, you will run into trouble.

While booking, do not forget to check the capacity. It will give you an idea of the number of available seats. If you find the vehicle labelled 4+2 or something like that, it means it has six seats, with the rear seats being smaller. In these cases, if you require more than four seats, leg space will be less in the back seat.

Check Your Budget

Whenever you plan anything, you cannot keep the budget factor aside. Having a fixed budget will make it even better.

As a traveller, you will always want to save something from your trip expenses. However, it does not mean that you will hire a small car for that. Again, suppose you hire a large van to reach your destination, and there is only one additional passenger in your vehicle with very few luggage items. The idea will cost you unnecessary money. You will also find it difficult to manoeuvre the car. So, you must consider the above two factors first, and then check which budget option suits your needs.

In Australia, rental companies offer both manual and automatic car options. A manually operated car is more economical compared to an automatic car.

Fuel efficiency also has a significant influence on the budget. It depends on the engine type the car has. Choosing a diesel-powered vehicle will save you about 15-20% of the total fuel costs.

Australia has some sparsely populated and remote areas, collectively known as the Outback. It is an arid region where roadhouses are situated far apart. If you want to explore these areas, renting a diesel car will be ideal.

Final Words

Whether you are hiring a family car for rent or going for an adventure, always keep in mind the factors discussed here at the time of booking. Many rental companies in Australia can provide you with any car you need. Visit their websites and check the packages and terms and conditions. For any help, you may contact their customer service.