How Peter Szalontay and DataMilk are Revolutionizing the UX in E-Commerce

The road to founding DataMilk was paved with twists and turns for CEO Peter Szalontay, a trip he would not change or alter for any reason. The end result is a sweet reward and that could not be more apparent than with his company, which serves as the fastest approach to enterprise e-commerce UX optimization than any other competitor in the industry.

“I tend to focus more on the speed to achieve results,” said Szalontay. “Company leaders are always aware of revenue and results. That is why we help them get to where they want to be in one hour versus having to endure a process over months. People are always looking for ideas as to what they can do to enhance their UX. Our response to that is giving them free optimization ideas by inviting them to join DataMilk.”

Szalontay’s Story

Szalontay grew up in Budapest, Hungary, and had not ever heard of Silicon Valley, much less had aspirations and the readily available opportunities to become an entrepreneur in those days. His education relied heavily on mathematics and, upon arriving in the United States to attend the University of California, LA (UCLA), he was far more advanced in the subject.

With no family in the country, Szalontay relied only on himself and mentors whose respect he earned along the way. His first post-graduate job was at a startup that helped immigrants become more acclimated with the U.S., by way of a mobile assimilation app. All the while, he was paying, out-of-pocket, for his green card to stay in the country.

After a few years at the startup filled with growth and learning, he earned a role at Google, and worked as a product manager on the Search team. A few months into his first project at Google he received the approval to build a team of over 1,000 employees to write ads to test ad creative automation. He executed hiring the team across 3 continents and building a new $100M line of business in the matter of six months. That however was only the beginning, Szalontay and his team believed in automating copywriting altogether. The initial manual effort over the next 4 years turned into a multi billion dollar project Responsive Search Ads, which recently became Google’s primary advertising product.

After Google and prior to founding DataMilk, Szalontay garnered vital lessons in his first venture into entrepreneurship, a failed food delivery company destroyed by covid that focused on lower income and middle class families. The result of the company cost him all his life savings; he was back to starting over. The experience, however, helped him realize how to build a great company — by building an extraordinary team and cultivating a culture of sharing with a focus on what he loved — mathematics. 

“My goal is to surround myself with people so smart that they make me uncomfortable and take us on a joyful journey and create financial prosperity for everyone involved — our customers, team and investors,” he said.

Revolutionizing the UX Experience

DataMilk utilizes a smart AI UX automation that produces results in one hour, not months like typical AB testing. DataMilk can generate significant extra profit 10x faster and with 0 effort unlike any other technology company focused on e-commerce.

The team at DataMilk provides the fastest possible solution to improve the UX for both enterprise and mid-market  e-commerce companies. The company maintains this advantage thanks to its five-minute, no-code integration, without the need of months of work in engineering and design efforts, and has been proven to increase profits for publicly traded e-commerce companies by 6-12% through the distribution of smart components, like predictive quick-navigation carousels. Additionally, these components are simply plugged into an existing e-commerce site via a 5 minute integration not requiring re-platform or even integration with the database. The software begins performing immediately and, via a client dashboard, measures and communicates in real-time the return on investment in DataMilk.

DataMilk’s Smart Components are powered by sophisticated ranking models and data engineering. These have shown the capabilities to conduct thousands of A/B tests that optimize the UX across CTR, AOV and overall revenue, while all running simultaneously.

The mission at DataMilk is to empower e-commerce brands and help them rival big tech in delivering a level of AI UX optimization, like on Amazon and TikTok , to the same level. The high-growth, VC-funded startup was founded by the team that actually developed the AI UX optimization for Google search ads. In fact, Szalontay’s company is made up of data science and UX experts who all have previously worked at places like Google, Mozilla and Facebook.

DataMilk currently provides integration demos for all interested parties to see the staggering results and exponential growth possible by joining its network. 

“In this new age of AI, e-commerce brands shouldn’t need to employ Google-level expensive engineers to build high-quality UX that maximizes profit,” said Szalontay.

About DataMilk

DataMilk is a team of data science and UX experts on a mission to empower e-commerce brands to build AI-powered UX on the level of Big Tech. Founded by Peter Szalontay, DataMilk’s smart UX suite enables fast, fluid, and predictive digital experiences that boost user engagement and gross profit. For more information on how to join and build the next generation of UX, please visit 


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