Can Essential Oils Help With Concentration?

When we normally think about aromatherapy, we probably imagine a soothing massage with a lavender based oil being rubbed into our skin that helps us relax. Lavender along with other essential oils, have been extracted from various plants to provide a natural remedy for certain ailments, as well as provide support to some of our body’s everyday functions. Maintaining focus throughout the day however can be challenging, sometimes caffeine or other stimulants fail to do the trick of relieving someone from a serious case of brain fog, luckily there’s Essential Oils for Concentration that can improve alertness when we need it most.

How to Use Essential Oils?

Before we discuss how essential oils for concentration work, let’s explain how to use them. Essential oils can be used in many creative ways but most commonly they are inhaled through a diffuser or adding a few drops to a humidifier. Alternatively, you can directly apply a few drops to your skin and rub it in an area where it’s easy to inhale. You can also try mixing essential oils in body wash, shampoo, or lotion for an added boost.

How do Essential Oils Help With Concentration?

Aromatherapy through the use of essential oils can stimulate parts of the brain that control impulse, emotion, and even memory. When we take in the smell of one of the essential oils for concentration, that scent sends a signal to our brain that generates an emotional response. That response comes from the limbic system, the part of our brain where emotions and behaviors are managed; triggering a reaction here can help improve focus, alertness, memory, and learning.

Which Essential Oils Are Good For Concentration?

There are plenty of essential oils for concentration available, the most effective oils are those that have invigorating qualities that help with alertness but also ease the mind. To attain mental clarity when trying to concentrate is key in the brain being able to learn new things, access memories, and ultimately focus on the task at hand. Below are four oils that are sure to give you a boost in mental clarity when you need it most, and here’s why.


Lemon is a scent that’s not only used as one of the main essential oils for concentration, it is a popular smell that is sure to lift your mood. Citrus oils usually have the effect of relieving anxiety while boosting energy, they tend to literally brighten one’s atmosphere. The use of Lemon oil can leave a person feeling energized and in a positive mood, this allows someone to hold their concentration for longer periods of time .Lemon oil is the perfect ingredient to elevate your Mondays.


Another widely used essential oil for concentration is Peppermint. Peppermint oil smells amazing, it’s already used for many of our personal hygiene products like toothpaste and gum. The refreshing nature of Peppermint oil helps with clarity, memory, and focus; it provides a jolt to the hippocampus portion of your brain, where learning and emotional regulation takes place. Peppermint oil is a go to for when your week is dragging and you need a bit of extra motivation to get you to the weekend finish line.

Atlas Cedarwood:

Woody and sweet in scent, Atlas Cedarwood is an essential oil for concentration that helps combat hyperactivity. The properties of Atlas Cedarwood promote cerebral activity along with calming the body, two essential factors when trying to focus. Through alleviating stress which can be harmful, the brain can boost its processing capabilities to carry out tasks with greater clarity. While Atlas Cedarwood is usually described as warm and sedative, this can help ease the effects of fatigue through overstimulation, letting your mind zero in on details that matter.


Drinkers of Earl Gray tea will recognize the complex citrus aroma of Bergamot oil, similar to orange but with floral accents. Bergamot oil is soothing yet invigorating due to the Linalyl Acetate ester being present in its composition. Oils with Linalyl Acetate like Lavender, are known for their calming qualities, Bergamot oil takes it a step further by adding properties found in other citrus based oils that lift the spirit. For those looking to be present, focused, and concentrated; Bergamot oil is a key essential oil.


Essential oils for concentration are a great way to help support brain function while at work, school, or even when trying to be present around family and friends. An alternative to sugary drinks, overloading on caffeine, or those vials of concentrated energy drinks; this natural remedy can help kick start your day or pick you up in the middle of it. Try experimenting with different oils to see what works best for you, you’ll be surprised as to how effective just a few drops in a diffuser can be.