How Neon Signage can help advertise your business?

No eye is not attracted to the dazzling rainbow of meticulously bent, glowing characters and shapes. The captivating abilities of a neon sign are not hidden but, in fact, very famous as there are reports that Scott’s inspiration for his movie “Blade Runner” came from a neon-tinged city of Hong Kong, and he has tried to reflect it in the film. 

Businesses, especially Brick & Mortar Retailers, go to every extent to survive & stay relevant in the deadly competitive market. They try cheeky pickup lines to lure in the passerby and sometimes even offer dangerous discounts that erode their profit. How much easier would it have been for businesses if they could have considered catching consumer attention through these signages right off the bat? Businesses have to share a logo with the most reliable custom logo neon signs company, and they take care of the rest. Dollars to donuts, using neon signs as an advertising tool will become businesses’ favorite marketing tactic.

Why can a neon sign become a business’s favorite marketing asset?

  1. They are an instant attention grabber, and attention is all a marketer needs.  

Marketing is all about getting noticed, and in a hasty & chop-chop business market, you want to be noticed instantly! Every business strives to attain a distinctive position in the market, and, along with the uniqueness of the company’s products & services, the company’s unique branding makes the business distinctive. This is where the importance of having signage for business lies. The bright glow of neon makes the custom neon signs give your business a branded image and great at grabbing the attention of passersby and attracting them to your business. The best part is that they not only grab the eyes but also keep the watcher interested for a while, so get a sparkling neon light that helps your business flaunt its identity with more pride and shine! 

2. They have excellent 24/7 functionality and performance. 

Your brick & mortar deserves to shine throughout the day, which is why neon signs are the best to go to! The sincere function of the neon lights is not only limited to sundown hours, but it also shines bright in the daytime and proudly holds the glory of your brick & mortar without losing its sparkle to the daylight. Your business logo neon signs will be as noticeable during the daytime as at night. 

3. They are trendy even after decades of their inception and will never go out of fashion. 

Business Neon Signs have always been at the top of the list when it comes to advertising your business on your storefront and decades-old commercial centers such as Times Square NYC, occupied with neon signage, are the proof. Neon sign’s deep-rooted association with marketing and its familiarity amongst people make it an ideal marketing asset in today’s time. 

4. They can give your business free publicity. Businesses love the publicity!

Neon signs not only beautify your logos but also beautify your space. It elevates the ambiance, and the feel-good hue of the neon light never fails to impress an aesthetic lover. A neon sign makes your space snap-worthy and creative. GenZs who love to snap and post never let go of such places. Thanks to the advancement of the internet, you can get free publicity through their posts. A unique neon sign will give your business identity and landmark your place for the years to come.

5. Neon Signs offer versatile styles and endless customization options. 

Thankfully, the PVC flex LED neon does not have a rigid adherence to its form, making it very flexible and ideal for us. We can turn, twist and tweak it into any shape. Neon signs can be classic text, such as a glowing “open” hanging on your door, or can be a complex logo. Either way, it is surely going to turn heads. You can also create your flickering, flashing, and shimmering text neon sign with a variety of color & font options. Unleash your inner artist and create neon signs of your own using the super-fun tools available online.

I am sure you must be delighted to know how neon signs can help you market your business; however, before making the final decision, you need to know a few more things. 

2 important questions that need to be asked before investing in a Business Neon Sign 

If you are reading this paragraph, you must be one of the most insightful business people who like to research well before making any investments. 

I am glad to tell you that you are in the right place to dig out all the truth about investing in it.

How Much Does it Cost to Run a Neon Sign?

Zero! And I am not kidding about that. Your custom logo neon signs need zero maintenance. You don’t have to worry about:

●bulb replacements, glass heating problems, mercury problems, and even battery replacements if you have a plug-in sign. 

●Neon Signs are energy efficient and consume 90% less energy than traditional lighting signage, which wouldn’t add much to your existing electricity bills. 

Is Neon Signage a good business investment?

Having Neon Business Signs will only give you returns on your investment without you having to worry about maintenance expenses as your investment is guarded since these signs are durable. Even if you switch your signs for straight hours, they will last you 10 + years!