How long does Manicure glitter nail polish last?

Manicure store glitter nail polish is much higher because Manicure store glitter nail polish is made with nail polish, but also with light baking, sealing layer, etc. These can make glitter nail polish more solid Manicure store glitter nail polish lasts for half a month. Polish maintain half a month is certainly no problem. You are not allowed to do glitter nail polish more than a few times a year.

How long does Manicure glitter nail polish last?

Manicure shop glitter nail polish usually lasts for about a month because the nails grow quickly, so new nails will need to be redone when they grow out. It is best not to do glitter nail polish too often as it can be harmful to your nails, so give your nails some time to rest. In addition, cosmetic glitter powder produced by galglitter Wholesale is very effective when used in glitter nail

Do not do Manicures more than a few times a year.

If you do glitter nail polish more than three times a year, you can do it too many times, but it will also cause some damage to your nails, so it is recommended that you do glitter nail polish in moderation so that there is no damage to your nails.

How to manicure nails look good

1, as with hair care, before manicuring your nails, first cut the length you want with a nail clipper; by the way, clean up your nails and remove the dirt from the nail crevices.

2, then clean up and then use a sanding stick to further shape the nails, grinding out the shape you like, such as square or slightly round.

3 、After fixing the shape because the nails are trimmed rough, so use the polishing board to polish the nail surface, first use the coarse side to polish, then use the fine side to polish the nail surface out of light.

4, some ladies may have dead skin next to their nails; if there is, you have to remove it first. This will make your nails look healthy, so use the dead skin softener on your nails first. When the dead skin becomes soft, use the dead skin removal scissors to push off the softened dead skin around the nail.

5, after removing the dead skin, apply a layer of nutrient oil, oh, to the nail moisturizing care, after doing the previous process to the stage of nail polish. Choose your favourite nail polish, thinly coated with a layer and then coated with a second layer, and the second layer can be painted according to your favourites so that the coating will be more layered and more beautiful.

6, after painting nail polish, the manicure is perfect, but to pursue more beauty, you can set the diamond on the nail or directly on the top of the nail to trace any favourite pattern.

What are the precautions to take when doing a Manicure?

Do not use a file to polish your nails for too long, as it will cause serious damage to your nails. After doing glitter nail polish, you should do a good job of maintaining your hands and using some moisturizing skin care products to refine the skin of your hands.

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