How Does The NDIS Support Its Participants?

What Is NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a support program started by the Australian government. This program was legislated in 2013 and went into full operation in the year 2020. NDIS aims to help people with any significant and permanent disability lead independent lives and reach their goals.

It provides the funds to access the reasonable and necessary support that will allow them to achieve their dreams and aspirations. People over the age of 7 and under 65 are eligible to become a part of this support program. To find out more eligibility criteria, you can check out the official eligibility page of NDIS.

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Support Under NDIS

NDIS provides its participants with a wide range of support to help them live independently. Here are some ways NDIS supports its participants to get the proper support for their conditions.

Provides Information

The first step into any treatment and procedure is the right amount of information one has to gain. NDIS provides accurate information and referrals to the participants about their health conditions and the support that might be right to help them. Participants can make more effective choices after gathering all the relevant information they need to decide.

Provides Funds

NDIS not only allows the participants to get the necessary support to reach their goals, but it also provides them with an appropriate amount of funds to access all those support services. Participants don’t have to pay for the support they are using to reach their goals because they are provided with funds for each support that is included in their NDIS plan.

NDIS funds are usually categorised into three types of budgets Core Support, Capacity-Building, and Capital budget. All three categories cater to different needs and have other characteristics. Participants can choose to self-manage their funds, or they can hire plan managers for the job if they find it necessary.

Individualised Plans

Every NDIS participant has different needs, and a standardised plan cannot be the best option for them. NDIS makes individualised plans for each participant by keeping his requirements and conditions in the market. It adds the support that is deemed important for that specific condition, which makes the plan much more efficient and works better.

Participants can also request the support that they think will help them reach their goals more effectively. NDIS analyses the requests to see if the requested support is reasonable and necessary for the participant’s goal and allows the support.

Provides Housing Options

Housing and living under NDIS provide the participants with many useful options, which include supported independent living, individualised living options, home modifications, etc. Participants can choose the possibility that they consider for their lifestyle.

Suppose they want to meet more people and make new friends. In that case, they can choose to stay in shared accommodation with other NDIS participants, or if they want a short getaway from their regular house, they can access short-term accommodation, which allows them to stay up to 14 days.

Assistive Technology

NDIS also provides assistive technology to the participants, which means that any healthcare tools that are used to help the participant function more efficiently in their house or outside, NDIS provides funds for that if the need is found reasonable. These tools can include wheelchairs, bed rails, hearing aids, etc.

Early Intervention

As we said before, only people over 7 can access the support under NDIS; however, NDIS knows that the earlier the support is provided, the better chances they have to reduce the need. NDIS allows the parents to have an Early Intervention program for their child under 7 years to help them control the symptoms and prevent any developmental delays in their child’s life.

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