Gabriella Melrose released a book, “How To Become A Strong Woman.”

Gabriella Melrose is a well-known female life coach from London. She has transformed many women into better over coaching sessions online. Gabriella has developed her own successful and fast way how to take women out of their comfort zone and start to go after their goals. She recently released a female empowerment book called “How To Become A Strong Woman”.

The book is based on Gabriella’s personal story and the stories of many other women who achieved greatness by changing their mindsets. Many women described in the book had different problems, all through switching the way they think they turned their lives upside down. Some started to succeed in their carrier and relationships. Others understood the importance of nutrition and exercise. But all share the same thing – everything depends on how we see life and how much we love ourselves.

Gabriella’s book prioritises self-love, as after understanding how important we are to ourselves, we start to work on giving ourselves a better life. There are many tips on how to create a business, find a partner or develop a better body shape. But if a person does not know how to love himself, he won’t focus on what’s best for him for a long time. So everything starts with self-love. Only when we understand that wasting time lying on the sofa, strolling through social media and doing nothing to change our lives is very wrong, do we seek to change. And just then, a person won’t give up and lose motivation. Gabriella Shares several stories about women who learned how to love themselves and how they did that. Also, as a life coach, she shares tips to succeed.

After starting to love themselves, women must take many other necessary steps: face fears, get out of their comfort zone, look after their bodies and mind, set goals and many other things. Gabriella covers these topics one by one and advises each one. “This is a short version of my “Alpha Female coachin plan. I wrote this book based on what I teach my clients during coaching sessions. I also added many stories to help women understand the importance of changing their mindset.”

Self-development is so essential for us these days. After issues that the world suffered in the past several years, people lost motivation and got used to staying and not being as active as they were in the past. The book inspires women to stand back up and move forward in life at full speed. It encourages you to never give up on your dreams and presents stories that will prove you right. Also, it gives guidance on how to take the first step. We often have the tools but lack the motivation or want to begin stepping up in life but do not know where to start. This book covers it all.

Gabriella’s book has been released in 2 languages so far and has attracted the attention of many famous influencers. People are sharing the book actively and giving great reviews. Apparently, It is one of the best new books for women who want to change their lives in a short time. She also does coaching sessions online on the same topics for those who wish for personal help.

“I want to dedicate my life to helping other women improve their life. I wish to see other people doing well, which brings me purpose. When I started to work as a life coach, my life changed for the better, and I never wanted to look back. “ says Gabriella.
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