How Can You Save Brokerage Expenses by Renting a PG in Ahmedabad

Moving to a new city can be a lesson in independent decision making. It is but natural
that you will do extensive research, depend on value-providers like brokers to find out
options that are best suited to your needs and perhaps save some time and money in
the process. However, the picture is not always hunky dory. Paying hefty brokerage,
crossing paths with unscrupulous brokers at times, is all part and parcel of the house-
hunting experience. But there are ways to manage this better without getting stuck in a
money trap or a bad deal. For one, with exposure to the internet, you have more
choices to check out than what any broker could give you. Next, with rental
accommodation concepts also evolving, even PG in Ahmedabad have undergone
upgrades. Yet, with increasing popularity of Ahmedabad as a centre for education and
business opportunities, the city is witnessing huge migrant footfalls which is creating
demand pressure on the rental accommodation supply in the city. If you want to find the
best place to stay in the city, without having to crack a deal with a broker, then here are
some suggestions that you can follow:
● Opt for managed co-living spaces
The newest concept on the house renting scene, managed accommodation options are
some of the best ways to bypass not only brokerage fees but also hefty security
deposits. Operated as professional living solutions, they are designed to deliver tenant-
friendly rental experiences. So, no longer do you to need to worry about paying up to a
month’s rental as brokerage fee or be stuck with shelling out security deposits to the
tune of 10 months’ advance rental. We advise going for professional managed
accommodation operators like Stanza Living as they have all-inclusive, affordable
properties located across prime city locations.
 Arm yourself with information
By staying informed of the current rental market and practices, you can always protect
yourself from getting duped. By asking around and getting second or even third
opinions, you can amp up your information repository and make wise negotiations
regarding any brokerage fee. You can also check out real estate websites to have your
pulse on the ongoing trends and prices surrounding your city’s rental scenario. There
are also helpful groups on Facebook which you can leverage to find brokerage-free
 Don’t get trapped by a deal that looks too good
Renting can be a tricky experience as people can promise the moon to you, just to
ensure their commission. Make sure that the place that is being offered to you does

provide all the amenities and services that are promised. A proper rental agreement
should thus be a non-negotiable requirement. Sometimes, the places you are moving in
might have some hidden, minor issues that are not exactly deal breakers, but can be
used strategically to negotiate for lower brokerage. It is also a good idea to check with
current residents, find out online reviews etc to make sure that the place you are picking
is the ideal PG in Ahmedabad.
These are some of the ways to save yourself from bypassing or reducing any brokerage
amount you might have to incur. Be smart and opt for managed accommodation
providers like Stanza Living who don’t bug their tenants. What you sign in your
agreement is what you are invoiced for.

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