How Can Managers Maximize Candidate Interviews to Hire the Best Resource?

Businesses are fighting hard to hire the best talent pool of employees who not only possess the right skills but also stick to their jobs for a long time. In the private sector, there are the right jobs but not too many experienced and skilled candidates for the same. Therefore, HR managers need to ensure maximize the interviews to hire the best resource for the company.

According to an article published in Entrepreneur, to recruit the best talent, you need to be employee-centric putting their interests first.

Now with the recession coming, you need to streamline your recruitment process for hiring top talent. Here is how:

Preparation is essential

Just as job seekers need to prepare for an interview, it’s equally important that hiring managers are familiar with all the details when screening CVs. You need to analyze candidates’ resumes carefully and all other documents to get a fair view of their skills and experience before a face-to-face interview.

Further, HR professionals must look into the LinkedIn profiles of the candidates shortlisted for the interview. It will help you understand what recent conversation a candidate was part of, and so you can prepare the questions accordingly beforehand. This way, you will understand the personality of a recruit and how he/she can mix with the company’s culture.

Avoid being obsessed with the must-have skills

It’s improbable that job seekers will possess all the skill sets and years of experience required for a specific role. That’s why you need to be a little flexible when reviewing candidate profiles. You can list two different job requirements when advertising. One should be required skills and the other desiredskills. This way, candidates won’t be intimidated and opt out after seeing a huge list of requirements.

You can look for a staffing agency Schaumburg if you do not have so much time to create a customized job description for numerous employees for varied roles. A professional may lack some of the desired skills but their current expertise may prove beneficial for his or her role.

Give some time for candidates to ask their questions

You will ask all the questions as an HR manager to analyze a candidate’s suitability for the job. Once you are finished asking your questions, allow some time for the job seekers to ask their questions. When an interviewee asks questions, you will understand whether they’re interested in the job at all, whether they’re looking for other opportunities at the same, or already have an offer. You’ll understand this if the candidate is insistent on getting a hike more than what you are offering.

Avoid delaying

If a candidate is the best fit for the role, do not delay hiring just because of the package or lack of some desired skills. Unless the expected CTC is too higher compared to your budget, you can go ahead with the hiring process for a job seeker with most of the skill sets matching the job description.


These are some of the ways you can maximize interviews and hire the best developer, designer, or marketing expert for the job.