Hockey And A Maple Syrup? Nope, Oil And SkyScrapers, This Is Calgary

When someone mentions Calgary, the first thing that comes to mind is Maple syrup. However, the Calgary housing market is another thing Calgary boasts of being popular all the time. Calgary houses more than a million people, and you can be among them as well.

The Best Things About Calgary

Having been declared the fifth most livable city in the world, there are a lot of perks about moving to Calgary. Its citizens have access to the best education, healthcare, and other facilities. Here are some of the best things about Calgary summed up for you:

It is The World’s Cleanest City

Calgary is among the cleanest cities in the world. Air pollution is almost nonexistent in this city. It has the best drinkable water available. The sewage system is extremely clean and you never get to experience any kind of smell at all. The reason why this city is so clean is because the government has imposed extremely high fines for littering over there. You may have to pay as much as $1000 for dropping a cigarette on the road. The recycling programs are extremely top notch. 

Has Extremely Low Sales Tax

There is no provincial sales tax in Calgary. The citizens only have to pay the federal taxes on their purchases, unlike the other states where there is a 15% tax imposed on whatever you buy. Calgary is a great place to shop and you can save a lot of money shopping here.

Calgary Has One of The Best Transport System

There are a lot of buses and trains that can take you from one place to another. Calgary has a great transport system which is eco-friendly as well.  CTrains – a project of trains by Calgary runs on electricity that is generated by the wind farms. 

There are also parks and rides for buses and trains available.

Calgary’s public transport is extremely affordable and CTrain is free in Downtown Calgary.

There Are Many Fun Outdoor Activities Present

Calgary boasts of having the Canadian Olympic Park which is used not just by professional athletes but the general public as well. From skiing to snowboarding, you can enjoy a lot of different activities over there. Calgary also has extensive bikeways for bikers and runners alike.

Calgary is a city of many opportunities – a place where you can have a good life with lots of fun as well.