Hire an Immigration Lawyer for Your Business Investments

Save yourself a headache when sponsoring your next Utah employee immigration visa and hire a lawyer to do it all for you. An immigration lawyer specializes in obtaining visas for companies and individuals. This process can take months or more if someone is unfamiliar with the procedures.

A visa is a travel document issued by a foreign country granting employment or residence to a foreign country. The U.S. can grant up to 675,000 permanent immigrant visas, according to the Immigration and Nationality Act (INC). The amount does not include the annual admissions of U.S. citizens’ families and children under 21. Only 140,000 employment-based permanent immigration visas are issued each year. This number includes the immigrant applying for the visa and their family members. The process of obtaining a visa begins with a petition that must be approved by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Upon approval, the applicant pays fees and files paperwork with the National Visa Center. The interview is scheduled with the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate, and the applicant is approved or denied when the meeting is complete. Let a Utah lawyer take care of this for you.

There are immigrant and non-immigrant categories of visas. There are nine immigration visas that individuals and businesses can apply for. These visas can cause headaches when done without a lawyer. Irvine Legal lawyer, Joshua Irvine, has made the sponsorship process easy with his practice in Utah. The following services are available from with Irvine Legal lawyer: treaty trader or investor, Australian National and Citizens to Live and Work in the USA, Specialty Occupations sponsored by an employer and children under 21, Green Card, transfer employees from a foreign location to a U.S. location which also extends the family, internationally recognized athletes and members of entertainment groups, employment for citizens of Canada and Mexico, and investor visas. These are only a few of the various visas available in the U.S. The process can take anywhere from five to seven months to complete.

The visa process can get complex. Individuals and businesses will face many issues when obtaining visas for employees, investors, and immigrant families. The process can take months, especially without the help of Irvine Legal. Irvine Legal is a boutique law practice located in Utah that provides legal advice about business and investor immigration. Joshua Irvine, entrepreneur and lawyer at Irvine Legal is an expert in setting up various visas for their clients. He specializes in helping businesses and individuals solve problems. As a lead lawyer at Irvine Legal, his immigration practice takes him to many continents with various clients. Clients include tech companies, health, manufacturing, hospitality, and logistics industries. Visit for more information, and call Irvine Legal at (385) 333-7966 to retain an attorney for your business or individual needs.

Irvine Legal provides businesses and individuals with professional lawyer services related to immigration law and visas in Utah.