4 Peculiar Custom Homes Around the World


Are you hoping to purchase your very own custom home in Salt Lake City, Utah? When it comes to home-building, there are million ways to go. Below are a few of the world’s strangest custom homes to help get your creative juices flowing.

The Mushroom House

Located in Perinton, New York, the mushroom house resembles exactly what you’d suspect-a mushroom! Built in 1972, this whimsical residence takes the form of a large, white mushroom, decorated with plenty of windows to take in the forest view. This home may be anything but conventional, but it certainly makes for a unique living experience! If you have an affinity for nature or a connection to the forest, you may want to consider a custom home similar to the mushroom house.

Upside Down House

If you’ve read Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, you probably know a thing or two about upside down houses. However, this particular upside down house in Trassenheidge, Germany, was actually built without any specific purpose other than to “be different”. The upside down house is open to the public for visiting, and is decorated with furniture glued to the ceiling, upside down paintings, and more to entertain visitors. Though I wouldn’t recommend living in an upside down house, you can design your custom home to be unconventional just like this one.

The Bubble House

Antti Lovag, an anti-conformist architect residing in Cannes, France, designed ten unique bubble-shaped houses in 1975. Each suite is equipped with protruding “bubble” windows and unique bubble furniture. The property stretches over 1200 square meters in total. If you’re hoping to make a statement with your custom home in Salt Lake City, a uniquely shaped architecture might be the way to go.

The Winchester Mystery House

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Located in San Jose, California, the Winchester mystery house haunts visitors with its oddities and haphazard design. In 1881, Sarah Winchester began builder this Victorian mansion without any sort of plan. She added rooms and stairways randomly, resulting in strange features such as doors and stairs that lead nowhere. If you’re a fan of the Victorian era and a sucker for mystery novels, take a page out of Sarah Winchester’s book and design your custom home to tell a story.

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