Hindi News Websites are Moving Ahead of the English News Websites in India

Be it a Hindi news website or an English — media plays an integral part in the daily lives of the Indians. From acquiring the latest ongoing news related to crime, politics, sports events, and entertainment to acknowledging the newly released products, a wide range of news websites have become the prime source of information. 

In India, almost every homeowner starts their morning with a sip of tea and a local newspaper. Most of the elderly and middle-aged Indians prefer acquiring the news from the local newspaper or TV channels. However, this traditional way of acquiring news has been drastically changed by the e-papers or online news websites

Even before a year ago, the sources of acquiring the latest news were only the local newspapers, radio, and television. However, with the advent of technology, a significant disparity has been noticed. This youth generation is now highly dependent on several Hindi news and English news websites rather than newspapers or any other source of media. 

There are several English news websites that are largely performed by the mid-aged people and mainly youngsters. Despite that, the Hindi news channels still didn’t lose its significance. Whether it is business related or regional news, these Hindi online websites have been enlightening millions of readers, especially in rural communities. 

Well, now it’s time to acknowledge why Hindi news websites are still considered as the primary source of acquiring news in this globalized world. 

How Relevant the Hindi News Websites are in Today’s World?

Technically, Hindi is considered to be a common language across India. Almost 80% of Indians must have learned Hindi from some or other sources, especially through the Hindi news channels and websites. This is the prime reason why Hindi news websites are gaining a significant place even in this modernized world. 

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone along with an easily accessible internet connection. Even half of the population in the rural areas of India has got flexible internet access which they primarily access information from the local news. Among these Hindi news websites, Uttar Pradesh news is one of the most viewed sites by the masses. You can obtain every sort of news on those online websites. Simply look for the best Hindi news websites to witness rare incidents in history. 

Moreover, Hindi is a language that is commonly used by the natives and is much easier to understand. Additionally, Hindi news websites are preferred over the English news channels mainly because it enhances the comfort level by helping the readers to understand the current scenario. 

So, these Hindi news website developers are capable of engaging more eyes on their site. Even there are numerous Hindi news channels that have established their online presence for the ease of the readers. With the help of vast Hindi news sites, the readers get a wide opportunity to gather the state-wise news along with the city-wise online news.

Differences Between Hindi Local Newspaper and Hindi Websites

A bonus point about these online platforms is that you can search for any specific aspect easily within seconds, which was quite impossible in the local newspapers. Even though the news is segmented into different sections, but previously the readers need to go through the entire news to acknowledge the real scenario. 

However, now, you can easily learn and acknowledge the news that is really important to you. Even renowned news websites like Uttar Pradesh news also keep the previously published news. Simply, search for the news that you are looking for and the online page will appear on the screen of your laptop, computer, or smartphone. 

Rapid Changes Brought by Hindi News Websites

This sudden influx of Hindi news websites is daily going through rapid changes, to get a considerable place in the Indian Society. The older generation is also on the verge of adapting to these latest online trends. To keep pace with this modern world, everyone is indulging themselves with these current changes. 

As a result, these online Hindi news websites are highly taking over the place of English news websites. Even, these Hindi online news websites are acquiring high traffic. If you are wondering why, then let it be very clear that, in our every life, many new events take place, be it a sporting event or political one. And, the prime responsibility of these news websites, such as Uttar Pradesh news, is to properly portray those current events. This is the prime reason why daily a large number of readers keep on visiting their site for gathering the news. 

Now, let’s see some of the best Hindi news and English news websites that are mostly preferred by Indians. 

Best Hindi News Websites

Here, we are listing some of the best Hindi news websites that have gained extensive recognition and reputation for providing the top-chosen news of the day.

  • Aaj Tak
  • ABP News
  • Uttar Pradesh news
  •  Live Hindustan
  • News 18
  • Navbharat Times
  • Jansatta
  • Dainik Bhaskar
  • Quint Hindi
  • Oneindia Hindi
  • Samachar
  • Satyagrah
  • The Better India
  • Webdunia
  • Zee News
  • Khabar Aap Ki and other reliable news websites

Even, these Hindi news websites have widely linked their site with several social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. 

So, in order to generate daily news, you can look out for their social media accounts. Simply, follow their page to gather information about the daily events in India. 

Best English News Websites

Even though the Hindi news websites are highly preferred, some still rely on English news websites. So, here is the list of some reputable English news websites mostly accessed by Indians. 

  • NDTV News
  • IbnLive.in
  • BBC News India
  • Indian Express
  • India Today and other versatile news websites

Even, the readers get the privilege to share these well-informative news articles or blogs with their friends and family. So, in short, it can be clearly stated that Hindi news websites are the clear winner compared to English. 

Are Online Hindi News Portals Going to Beat the English News Websites? 

Well, it is now evident that the online Hindi news websites of India are considered to be the most powerful mediums or sources for enlightening millions of readers. Even the illiteracy rate is quite high in the country, so it is impossible for all the Indians to learn English to get adequate information, through English news websites. However, the majority of them are well aware of their national language and know how to read that with great ease.

If you are in a dilemma about which linguistic website is powered by the mass, it is obviously Hindi news portals. Those platforms are primarily searched by the Indians to get their desired news. So, now you know the ultimate truth behind this sudden upsurge of the Hindi News portals.