High Quality Hygrometer, Must for Perfect Cigar Humidor 

Are you missing the natural taste and flavor of your cherished premium cigar collection kept in the state-of-the-art cigar humidor? The reasons could be many but the most common of them all is the missing natural humidity level of your cigar, which your humidor is supposed to maintain to keep your favorite cigar fresh for a long time. The ideal humidity level to maintain the natural flavor and taste of your cigar is 62-75%, anything less would cause shrinkage of tobacco leaves leading to a change in taste and aroma and high moisture will lead to mold formation and rotting. So the best possible solution is to have a your reliable humidor hygrometer in place so that you can monitor the humidity level of your cigar humidor constantly and alter the humidity level accordingly to keep your favorite cigar fresh and natural forever.  

Being a cigar aficionado you are well aware of the fact that a cigar tastes great only when it is kept at optimum temperature and moisture level. Depending on geography and season, it is pretty easy to monitor the temperature of your cigar humidor, but monitoring humidity is a bit tricky. By the time you feel the change in humidity level, it will be too late to keep the natural taste and aroma of your cigars. The effectiveness of your cigar humidor mainly depends on the quality of your hygrometer.  

Hygrometer Essentials   

Your exquisite cigar collection needs a perfect humidor and it is the quality of the hygrometer that makes humidor a perfect home for your favorite cigars. Even if your humidor has an inbuilt hygrometer, you should consider buying a high-quality hygrometer to monitor the humidity inside the humidor more precisely. Here are some of the factors you should not ignore while buying a reliable humidor hygrometer: 

Type: There are several types of hygrometers available in the market. Since here you need a hygrometer for the humidor, you can opt for a device with maximum possible accuracy and suitable size. You can opt for either a spring or electronic hygrometer, depending on your budget. Since we are living in a digital era, it is better to go for a digital hygrometer, but if you are looking for something more classical and aesthetic you can opt for a spring hygrometer, available in various metallic encasing. 

Accuracy: It is the most important factor that cannot be overlooked. Usually, devices that offer better accuracy come at some additional cost. It is always better to invest a little more to keep your favorite cigar safer for longer. Ultimately it is all about protecting your cigars’ natural taste and aroma for a longer duration. 

Size: Cigar is very sensitive to changes in temperature and moisture, so your humidor needs good quality monitoring devices as well as devices that ensure maintaining favorable conditions. So, you have to keep the size of your hygrometer in mind as well to ensure optimum space availability for cigars.  

Your passion for maintaining the natural taste and aroma of cigars indicates you will opt for the best possible available option. Ultimately it is all about enjoying the best to be the best in your own space, isn’t it?