Hawex IO’s ambition knows no obstacles

Fintech company Hawex IO is confident that all of today’s fintech developments are provoked by the movement of humanity towards innovation. 

The latest solutions are quickly introduced into everyday life, transforming the market and setting a rapid pace of development. Hawex IO services are aimed at solving the existing problems of the centralized financial market. As well as the integration of Web3.0 developments into the banking sector. As we will see in the review, all of this leads Hawex IO to create a fully working financial ecosystem, within which doing business and paying for the daily needs will be simple, secure and convenient.

Hawex IO: software optimization review

Hawex IO was originally based in Malta but later moved to the UK. The idea of the company was based on the concept of creating a multifunctional mobile bank with extended functionality for merchants and users. However, the company began to expand rapidly and turned into an entire ecosystem that meets the current needs of users.

Hawex IO
Hawex IO

The name of the company was formed from a combination of two words: “hawk” and “exchanger”. As a result, this name has become a symbol and visualization of the business approach of the Hawex IO development team. They, like a hawk, seek to soar as high as possible above the financial system in order to see its potential to the very horizon. Thus, the company carefully analyzes all new fintech developments and looks for the best ways to integrate them into its products and services.

In the first few years, the company focused on optimizing existing software in order to minimize the existing problems that cause difficulties for merchants and users of the digital market. So, to optimize financial services, Hawex combines several software solutions and creates a reliable synthesis of its own software with partner offers.

Hawex IO CEO Romans Nekrutenko notes that the Hawex development team transfers as many services as possible to their own original developments. This is done in order to provide users with a full-fledged working service, whose functionality is only increasing.

Digital currency processing and payment provider from Hawex IO — a turnkey solution for your project

Hawex IO has made significant progress towards decoupling from hybrid services in favor of its own developments in 2023 . The Hawex IO fintech product ecosystem is expanding and spreading through the presentation of its own digital currency processing and retail SaaS products.

Hawex IO processing allows users to quickly and safely conduct all the necessary transactions of digital currencies in one window mode. This means that the user can integrate Hawex digital currency processing into his project and accept payments and pay with digital currency without using any additional third-party resources

Digital currency processing and PSP (payment service provider) solutions from Hawex IO provide users with a system in which there are no more barriers and obstacles between the world of fiat and the world of digital currencies. 

Such seamless interaction of currencies is achieved, among other things, through a mobile application for banking Hawex Mobile. In this user-friendly application, the user can purchase goods and services from the merchant for digital currencies, and the merchant will receive fiat to his account if he wants it.

In this review, we should emphasize the words of Hawex IO CEO that it is necessary to adapt to the changing financial market immediately. 

We live in a time when new services are significantly changing the way we do business, and it is the achievements of fintech and Web3.0 that allow us to become part of the technological future right now.