The Transformation of Home Entertainment Packaging

The consumer packaging industry is changing as consumers reject more of the comparable packaging and outdated looks and designs. Growing e-commerce not only drives up packaging demand, but it also improves packaging options. The home entertainment industry is making an effort to keep up with these changes because falling behind will hurt their bottom line. What will home entertaintment packaging’s key defining characteristics be?

Companies now have more choices than ever when developing creative packaging designs for entertainment products to pique interest and add value. The most appealing and modern design components and finishes consist of:

Customized foil patterns. The high-visibility contrast that foil patterns offer gives a VIP treatment to special edition DVDs, CDs, Blu-ray Discs, and other media.

Making windows using clear plastic. Windows break the routine of outer product packages while retaining their shape. This is useful for entertainment brands offering premium give-away items or simply wanting to show a glimpse of what’s inside.

Lighting. The use of illuminated packaging elements is a bold move for businesses seeking to provide consumers with a more dynamic experience. The interior of a package can be enhanced with these lighting features, which, when activated by movement or opening, create a stronger bond with the customer. These are generally used for goods with familiar brands, characters, or themes from movies.

Customized closing methods. Using a unique closing mechanism, such as a strategically placed magnet, piece of velcro, or even some tabs, is a fantastic way to include an interactive component. Additionally, this raises the intrigue and security of the entertainment product being stored. These unique closing methods increase the perceived value of the item and stop snoopers from tampering with the contents before a sale.

Audio bites. Building sound bites into product packages enables the consumer to relive the associated movie or TV experience. They could be snippets of a movie soundtrack, sound clips from an audio CD, or a special message for customers. Creating a sensory experience for customers is vital. The design can influence your customer’s perception and behaviour. According to a study, design symmetry and aesthetics can be used to differentiate premium and luxury brands from their counterparts.

Embellishing or debossing with sculpture. Getting customers’ attention requires creating both tactile and visual interest. Multimedia premium packaging using multi-layered debossing or embossing transforms the package into a work of art, whether applied throughout or restricted to a single image or logo. This straightforward yet stylish change in texture can subtly and intriguingly draw a customer’s attention to specific features.

Hidden storage spaces. What could be more entertaining than a “secret passageway” hidden inside the packaging of an entertainment item? The person who finds the hidden compartment (and whatever is inside) will keep and treasure your special container for a long time.

Holographic or plain foils. Entertainment companies can add a foil design to their products to catch the eye of potential customers. We work in the realm of possibilities at GPA Global. The options for aesthetic components and add-ons for your entertainment packaging are only limited by your creativity. To begin, get in touch with us today.

Acknowledging the reality of sustainability

Apart from the above design changes, companies that make entertainment products are realizing the value of environmentally friendly packaging. Since landfills around the world are home to billions of tons of packaging waste, businesses are exploring ways to use materials and construction techniques that are less harmful to the environment.

Although the main motivation behind these initiatives to use environmentally friendly packaging is altruism, they also have other advantages, like helping businesses gain a better reputation with their like-minded clients. Companies are realizing that consumers are increasingly willing to change their shopping habits just to support sustainability. Ethical buying is an important component today. As such, they are positioning themselves as champions of sustainability.

Tips for eco-friendly and sustainable packaging

The options are many for companies looking to adopt more eco-friendly packaging strategies. Some of the innovative packaging techniques that benefit the environment include:

1.      Create environmentally friendly packaging using recyclable materials

It is possible to reconstitute materials such as plastic, cardboard, and paperboard to make new products. Before beginning production, talk with your packaging manufacturer about which materials will fit your budget, values, and needs. Materials that are recycled or recyclable can be easily adapted to your packaging. These materials come from a variety of sources.

2.      Think about unique, cutting-edge, or high-tech materials

You can opt for unexpected options for designing your packaging material. One way to help the environment with your packaging decisions is to use inks made from food or milk proteins instead of harsh chemicals or bioplastics. You may also consider using plant-based packing peanuts and paper that is friendly to the rainforest. GPA Global has been helping businesses use innovative but environmentally friendly materials for their packaging needs.

3.      Choose natural packaging for the environment

Over the past few years, sustainable packaging has grown in popularity as businesses have realized that environmentally friendly materials appeal to a small but expanding consumer base. Packaging made of natural materials, such as virgin, recycled, or dye-free paper, has a lower environmental impact.

4.      Cut the bulk

Waste accumulates significantly at the levels of warehousing and retail. Ask your packaging supplier, GPA Global, about making specialized boxes to protect materials and space during the distribution process. With minimalist packaging for your home entertainment products, you can stand out from your competitors’ heavier-packaged products and appeal to consumers with a sleek, modern aesthetic. Customers might gravitate toward your product if you focus less on clunky packaging and more on the value it offers.

5.      Reconsider your packaging

Although it isn’t always possible, many brands have come up with inventive ways to shrink or change the shape of their products in order to reduce or do away with the need for packaging. There are several ways to change the quantity of packaging used without sacrificing product quality, including arranging products in different ways and incorporating packaging into the product.

Final thoughts

We can anticipate continued growth for this sizable global industry as home entertainment technology advances. The best packaging will help home entertainment businesses stand out from the competition and attract customers to their products.

For a variety of home entertainment products, GPA has years of experience designing, developing, testing, manufacturing, and distributing attractive, useful, and robust packs. We are well-positioned to connect the major entertainment centers of the world for a genuine multi-packaging solution thanks to our offices in Los Angeles, New York, and London.

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