Hairstyles Taught In Cosmetology Schools

A place wherein aspiring cosmetologists get to learn various things about the beauty industry. To have continuous growth in terms of your knowledge of things like hair coloring, bleaching, chemical treatments, and more. In your journey to cosmetology schools, you’ll slowly adapt to the environment, and things could be easy for you when you have your respective job.

Career opportunities could come along the way, Improving your capabilities and showcasing your skills for you to create both a healthy social and work environment. Earning potential and distinguishing the number of things you’ve learned and how much you’ve improved. In Cosmetology schools, like a beauty school in Houston, one of the things taught there are various hairstyles. Now, what is the different kinds of hairstyles people could try on?

Hair Straightening

This hairstyle is known for smoothing your hair, making it more moisturized, and removes certain frizz, and also removes unwanted hair volume. Easy to manage and safe for our hair. This hairstyle has been used since the 1890s using tools like hair straighteners giving us a glossy and shiny appearance. This technique is somehow common in some ways with the ‘hair relaxing.’ The first one uses chemicals to straighten it directly, while the other uses chemicals to straighten it in a natural way.


A popular style during the 80s and 90s, curls and waves give us a glamorous look. Although it may seem the same, perms have different types, which are the pin curl, spiral, body wave and stack. Pin curls are perms that lie flat across your head, forming an s shape; highly recommended for people with medium-length hair. Spiral curls come out in different sizes and lengths; this could last about 3-6 months, depending on hair care. Body wave perms are more of a looser type of wave.  This is for straight hair who want to achieve natural-textured curls and waves.  Stack perms are common ones, especially nowadays, a style in which the curls are only added starting from the middle up to the end of the hair.


One of the styles that will never be unpopular for how easy it is to do, and various styles you can go through with these simple techniques. Braids have been popular since the 1900s, not only for women but for all genders and ages. Some cultures use braids to represent beauty and wealth. In beauty school, you’re to use various tools which could help in making your braids neat and tight. Africa is just one of the many people with that culture; some use box braids and dreadlocks, which signify women of color.  Learning how to create basic braids will help you work on other styles like french and dutch braids


This hairstyle technique is like various hairstyles combined, specifically a messy bun. This could be bun along with braids, curling, highlight cuts, and such. These hairstyles are highly likable, specifically for brides on their wedding day. Thus, various updos would result in neat and pretty hairstyles. Some would add hair ornaments, specifically pearls, and white, to showcase the bride with its suitable hairstyle.

Hair cutting

In salons, this one is one of the most common highlights of every stall. It may seem easy to be done, but it’ll require lots of effort, time, and professionalism.  Not only that it needs to be suitable for your customers, but it also ensures that it’ll match the face shape. In Cosmetology schools, you need to examine the hair first, some can’t be cut due to damaged hair, and some could still be saved by cutting the dead and unwanted hair. Taking all the frizzy and oily hairs and turning them into silky smooth and pretty haircuts.

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