Greg Gantt – Guiding People through the Complex World of Law through Order in the Court

Books are excellent for learning and increasing knowledge, but only a few inspire or captivate people. Millions of people read articles, research papers, and books to increase their knowledge, learn new concepts, and delve into the worlds created by authors. However, a few books inspire or motivate people to act on a particular concept or improve their lives by utilizing the authors’ ideas and recommendations. Inspirational content and writing style are essential for making a book interesting for readers, especially in the modern world, where several mediums compete to grab people’s attention. Millions of books are published annually for readers in print and on digital platforms. However, only a few books make their way onto people’s reading lists and bookshelves due to plot, style, and content issues.

The art of writing makes a book stand out and gets readers hooked on a plot or concept. Writing a book is not as easy as it seems. Many authors struggle to develop or transfer brilliant ideas into meaningful text for readers. Authors must conduct substantial research before writing a book to ensure that the material, information, content, and details are accurate. Writing is challenging for many people due to their lack of skills and interest. However, words start flowing to authors like Greg Gantt because they are passionate about writing and want to transfer their experiences and thoughts to people through writing. Many accomplished writers also utilize their expertise and experience to transfer wisdom and knowledge to their readers through a compelling combination of words and examples. Greg Gantt is among the few authors with the tenacity and dedication to write an informative yet persuasive book that guides people and offers unique lessons through personal experiences, anecdotes, and narratives.

Author Greg Gantt wrote Order in the Court as an engaging learner’s guide for understanding the complexities of legal practice. The book is equally fascinating for ordinary readers and lawyers because it offers numerous valuable lessons regarding legal practice, leadership, and communication. Gantt explores various aspects of becoming a lawyer and practicing law without relinquishing moral values, regardless of the circumstances. The book details Gantt’s journey and experience through law school, legal practice, and the lessons he learned along the way. The book explains the challenges during the various stages of legal practice, from the first few days in law school to working in a law firm and during litigation on diverse cases. Gantt offers personal examples and experiences to readers to guide them through the challenging phases of a successful academic and professional career in law.

Greg Gantt is a prominent lawyer with over 27 years of experience in the legal field and an active community leader in the Dayton area. He completed his bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Dayton in 1988 and earned his Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in 1994. Before attending law school, Gantt started his professional career at the United States Department of Commerce as a district office manager for the Dayton Region in 1990.  As a lawyer, he served the  Montgomery County Juvenile Courts as an acting magistrate beginning in 2000. He worked in various capacities and roles during his 27-year career, including as an arbitrator for Montgomery County Common Pleas Court, Commissioner for Ohio Legal Rights Services Commission, and Chairperson of the Montgomery County Board of Elections. Gantt was also a partner at Allbery Cross Fogarty and serves as a chairperson of the Ohio Unemployment Compensation Review Commission. He started working as a special counsel for the Ohio Attorney General’s office in 2011 and established his firm, Gregory M. Gantt. Co., LPA the same year.

The book Order in the Court is a testament to Gantt’s experience as a lawyer and his effort to excel in his field. He wrote the book out of inspiration for teaching, guiding, and helping people in the legal fraternity to overcome challenges and learn about the various aspects of the art of law practice. Although Gantt’s passion for writing started while studying poetry during his college days, he could not begin writing his book due to professional commitments and responsibilities. He wrote the book to transcribe his ideas and experiences as career and life lessons for readers. Gannt employed the same preparation approach as his trials for researching and writing the book by gathering the facts and developing a plan of action in the form of an outline. He utilized his passion for writing a book that guides people through the complex world of law while offering valuable lessons to enhance leadership and communication skills.


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