Getting a Double Eyelid Surgery: All You Need to Know

Double eyelid surgery is the most popular aesthetic surgery in East Asia. It is performed to correct conditions like eye bags or droopy eyelids and general eyelid transformation. If you are torn between getting double eyelid surgery or not, this is the article for you!

Here we explain what double eyelid surgery in Singapore involves.

What Is Double Eyelid Surgery?

This surgery is otherwise known as Blepharoplasty. It is performed by creating a crease in the upper eyelid of a person who has a poorly defined eyelid or doesn’t have any. 

A few people have visible eyelid creases, popularly known as double eyelids. While Some were born with no eyelid crease called a monolid or a single lid. Medically, there is nothing wrong with either.

Reasons You Might Consider Double Eyelid Surgery

You might wish to undergo Blepharoplasty for one reason or the other, including:

  • Your eyelids are obstructing your vision.
  • You have two different eyelids (one double and one single eyelid), and you want them to match.
  • Permanent creases can make your eyes look larger.
  • Some makeup styles will be easier to apply.


Many patients want to perform double eyelid surgery for one reason or the other, but it isn’t for everyone. There are numerous contraindications to undergoing this surgery, including:

  • people under 18 are considered ineligible for this procedure
  • Clotting disorders
  • Thyroid disease 
  • Dry eyes
  • Bulging eyes 

Possible Risks

Like every other surgical procedure, double eyelid surgery has its risks. Possible complications and risks of double eyelid surgery you should be aware of include:

  • Eyelid crease asymmetry
  • Bleeding after the surgery, ranging from slight under-eye bleeding to hemorrhage
  • Bleeding in the orbit of the eye can lead to pressure on the optic nerve, resulting in an emergency surgery known as Retrobulbar hematoma.
  • eyelid drooping
  • Excessive high crease
  • Fading of the lid fold

Ensure you discuss the possible complications with your doctor before undergoing this surgery.

What Are the Expectations and Recovery Time?

Your eyelids may be bruised or swollen for one to three weeks post-surgery. Your eye appearance will continue to improve over one to three months. While recovering, you might experience the following:

  • bruising
  • bleeding from the incision
  • changes in skin sensation and swelling
  • dry eyes and light sensitivity
  • pain

These symptoms are temporary. Here are a few pointers to help relieve your irritated eyes:

  • Use cold compresses as instructed by your physician.
  • Use a lubricating ointment or any prescribed medications.
  • Wear sunglasses outdoors till you have fully recovered.


Always stick to your surgeon’s instructions: Your doctor might prescribe antibiotics to protect against infection. Make sure you use them all, even if you feel completely healed. Also, be sure to report any post-op side effects or any signs of infection immediately.

What Is the Cost of Double Eyelid Surgery?

Your doctor’s location, level of experience, and the complexity of the procedure can influence the cost. Typically, the cost of a double eyelid surgery ranges from $450-$6800.


Double eyelid surgery can give you a more youthful, refreshed, and rejuvenated appearance. However, it requires comprehensive knowledge of the anatomy of Asian eyelids. Hence, you must take your time to find a qualified surgeon.

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I am Selim Khan Dipu (Professional Blogger)