8 Unique Sympathy Gifts To Help A Grieving Friend Move Forward

Grief is difficult for anyone who has lost a loved one. As a close friend of someone healing from their recent loss the best thing to do is to be there for them as their support system. Aside from being a shoulder to lean on, thoughtful and memorable sympathy gifts can offer great comfort.

Here are a few unique sympathy gifts your grieving friend will appreciate as they process their grief and learn to move forward without the person they have lost:

1 – Personalized Memorial wind chimes

Small, thoughtful, and delicate. Wind chimes make for beautiful sympathy gifts to those who are having a hard time with their grief. These memorial wind chimes come in several designs, all of which can be personalized to honor the memory of those who have passed. Your friend can find comfort in knowing that every time the chimes ring, their loved one is watching over them.

2 – Memorial Photo Plaque

Memorial photo plaques are a nice way to keep the memories of the departed alive. These plaques come inscribed with a special message dedicated to the life and memories of those who have left us.

3 – Memorial Candles

Just like memorial wind chimes memorial candles come in different designs and also offer comfort. The warm glow of the candle can be seen as a comforting warm hug from the person who has moved on.

4 – In Loving Memory Dog Tags

A friend who wants to carry the memory of the person they have lost everywhere they go will truly appreciate a personalized dog tag as a sympathy gift. This way they can touch the tag around their neck anytime they feel lonely.

5 – Christmas In Heaven Ornament

Giving a grieving friend a memorial Christmas ornament to honor their deceased loved one is a great way to ensure the departed are remembered and celebrated during the holidays. However, keep in mind that the receiver might not be ready to display the ornament the first Christmas, but it can be comforting to have it close by.

6 – Keepsake Boxes

It can be hard to move on from a loss when all the belongings of the deceased are strewn all over the home. At the same time, it is also hard to clean up and throw everything away. The perfect way to heal and still preserve memories is to give your grieving friend a keepsake box where they can hold on to special items that remind them of those they have lost.

7 – Memorial Lanterns

These memorial lanterns offer a soft, comforting light, just like the memorial candle. Together with memorial wind chimes, these lanterns can play a significant part in the healing process of a close grieving friend.

8 – Forever In My Heart Car Decal

While it might be small, a personalized car decal is a sympathy gift your friend can have with them everything they leave the house to remind them that you and others also remember and honor the person they have lost.


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