Get luscious long eyelashes with careprost eyelash serum

Are your eyelashes looking sad or stubby? Do you want to acquire long and fluttery lashes naturally? Well, voluminous eyelashes are in trend these days and now you can easily acquire them in glory without fuzz-free remedies. It is now possible to grow the lashes with a revolutionary eye serum Careprost which is 0.03 % Bimatoprost Ophthalmic solution.  This drug has been conventionally utilized for increasing fluid volume and reducing the pressure within eyes, known as intraocular pressure. The Bimat eye drops has been used for the treatment of Glaucoma since long. It has been found to cure condition of hypotrichosis. At times there is an abnormal or insufficient growth of lashes. The careprost eyelash serum containing 0.03 % Bimatoprost eyelash growth serum can actually be used for getting thick, luscious and long lashes

How Bimatoprost eye drops work?

It works by promoting the growth of hair follicles of your lashes.  It makes them grow thicker and appear much darker than ever before. Today this eye drop has been used by the women worldwide for achieving luscious, long and thick lashes.

How to apply?

The super lash solution can be applied to the eyes by using an applicator that is available by purchasing careprost eyelash serum .  It can also be applied by using an extremely fine eyeliner brush to the base of your upper lashes of both eyes.  Before applying this eye serum, make sure that your face is thoroughly clean, makeup has been removed and contact lenses have been removed. When you are utilizing an eyeliner brush, make sure that it is clean before use.  However, you should keep this in mind that this solution is meant only for growing only upper lashes and not for the lower ones. The cosmetic remedy has to be applied once in a day for a period specified by the practitioner.

For how long careprost eyelash serum ophthalmic solution to be used

Generally speaking, it starts showing results within a period of four to six weeks.  For best outcome, it should be applied at night right before sleeping. During night, the Bimat and super lash get enough time for getting absorbed and yielding better outcomes.  However, you can also apply this serum at any other time of day according to your personalized preferences.

The active ingredient, Bimatoprost promotes eyelashes growth naturally

The active ingredient, Bimatoprost online leads to the promotion of natural lash growth and thus, facilitates you to achieve flawlessly thicker and darker lashes.  This all-new lash care formula is not at all heavy of pockets and helps you in growing lashes naturally without resorting to either extensions or crazy falsies.   This particular ophthalmic solution is required to be used continuously for a period of six to twelve weeks for the most adequate lash growth. You will start noticing the desired outcome within just eight weeks.  However, if you stop using Lumigan eye drops, lashes will be restored to the original state within either a few weeks or months.  This eye serum should always be applied according to the doctor’s consultation.  There should not be overdosing in any of the cases.  In case you missed out a dose, just apply the solution according to next schedule.


Bimatoprost eye drops ( called Lumigan in the United States) is required to be stored at a cool place having a temperature lower than 25 degrees Celsius. You must replace the top of a bottle for preventing contamination. The medicine must be discarded after four weeks of opening. 

Side effects

Following are few of the common noticeable side effects

Temporary blurring, double vision, change in color of the eye, discharge from eyes, headache, itching sensation in eyes, redness or swelling.  If any of such side effects appear you have to consult your ophthalmologist immediately.

Achieve permanently thicker and longer eyelashes

It is undeniably true that by upgrading lashes the entire face can be transformed. There are few of the items like mascaras or extensions available in market. But there are many women who want permanently longer and thicker eyelashes. With such a growing interest of women, the Careprost eye drops solution has been acquitted in the market for enabling you to achieve desired results. You will surely be pleased to know that this cosmetic remedy can be grabbed from the market at a highly affordable cost.


Regular application of this formulation can make a big difference. It is truly evidenced that the Bimatoprost component present in drops is completely liable to make the lash grow further and extensively. Well this is something that is not actually going to coat your lashes the way mascara or extensions does. This serum extends lashes in a natural way. So you no longer need to rely upon mascara or fake extensions anymore. Get ready to achieve spikier and dramatic lashes with the help of Careprost eye drops.


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