Gelato Cabinets For Sale: 6 Tips For Buying Shop Fridges This Year

In Oz’s food industry, gelato cabinets for sale are the newest trending items restaurants and suppliers are trying to get their hands on. These days, “function” is no longer the only variable on the plate. The aesthetic is, too, especially in the context of shop or display refrigerators.

Instead of purchasing a food display cabinet and a refrigerator separately, why not have a 2-in-1 fixture that can preserve edibles as well as set them on the stand for potential customers to have a look at what they are?

To aid you in your quest for buying the perfect shop fridge in Australia, here’s a list of guidelines you can follow. 

Shop Fridge Buying Guide: General Structure 


This one tops the list because it is the most telling feature which the rest of that of gelato cabinets for sale will work around — fridge size. It can be exciting to set your sights on larger-than-life shop fridges. Multi-tiered and/or layered displays with several doors. 

But you have to think of maximization. If your food-enterprise displays a mere handful of goodies at a time, the rest of the fridge’s space will be put to waste. Yet you’ll still have to pay the electricity bill for the whole of the machine anyway. 

In contrast, a too-small fridge may not be as efficient all the same. You’ll want something that’s optimal in size and has extra room to really bring in the entire look of the display refrigerator together. 

Interior Layout 

Next to fridge size is its interior layout. A retail fridge for sale should have interior specifications tailored towards your business needs. 

Are you scouting for a layout that offers excellent product visibility? Should it provide product access from behind the fridge? How about variations wherein the door of the unit slides from the bottom up, and vice versa? It’s an all-around square glass display going to bring about faster business operations? The list goes on. 

Shop Fridge Buying Guide: Interior Mechanisms And Materials

Temperature Control

It is vital that you inspect a refrigerator’s temperature range parallel to the size of the unit. Typically, it can be maintained somewhere between 36 to 40 °F for chilling. As for freezing, a range of -2 to 2 °F is where the median usually is. 

Note that larger freezers and/or chilling compartments require adjustments in temperature measurements compared to the above.

Evaporator And Condenser 

The evaporator of gelato cabinets for sale is responsible for converting refrigerant liquid into a gaseous state. In an oversimplified explanation, the latter then acts on a decreased pressure so that heat is dissipated, and cool air is produced. 

On the other hand, the condenser follows a mechanism opposite to that of the evaporator. It transfers heat so that the liquid inside is condensed. 

Check that both are working fine. 

Also, EBM fans, scroll compressors, and the like are innovations that assist with better cooling power and temperature recovery. Check on these as well. 


Finally, the materials retail shop fridges for sale are composed of will speak of their durability and quality. Most calibre fridges are made of steel. Or that they have specific parts made of the latter. 

The “elemental makeup” of steel allows it to be resilient to rust and corrosion. It’s also convenient to clean and maintain. The surfaces of steel only require regular wiping as they do not easily incur abrasions, nor do they absorb dust, debris, and moisture.

Shop Fridge Buying Guide: Additional Features 

There are shop refrigerators that have both a chiller and an ice freezer for sale all rolled into one. If this is a feature that will make business operations run smoother, then, by all means, select this variation. 

Another feature to watch out for is LED lighting. There are new versions that have these LED lights because they add to the way display-products appear. This is very useful for food items that have detailed embellishments or have colours that look best under good lighting. 

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