Best Game Streaming Platforms to Play and Make Money in 2021

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Game Streaming Platforms already become a trend in the last few years for not just playing games with video recording, but making money too.


Many companies already launched different streaming platforms where users can do whatever they want and show it to other people. They can play games, cook food, and much more with an option to receive thousands and millions of followers.

Watching TV online is almost over in this technology world because anyone can open their channel online. More people started to play and enjoy these platforms than a TV with many Ads and time management problems. 

The main reason for writing this article is to provide everyone with a list of some amazing Game Streaming Platforms already become popular in the last few years, with thousands of users streaming channels and millions of fans. Checkout esports events 

List of 5 Best Game Streaming Platforms

1- Twitch

Check out twitch guide

2- HitBox

HitBox is also an amazing platform with different kinds of options and color themes. Users can easily use tags or search bar to find their favorite streaming channel or videos. The main benefit of using this popular trending site is their categories. In my opinion, they arrange more proper categories compare to Twitch. But you need a high-power laptop or device to record videos when using Hitbox, which is a disadvantage for many users with low-quality Devices. you can also get information about one piece filler list link.

3- Azubu

4- Bigo Live

The main focus of Bgo Live is social media, which has already become fast-growing among short video lovers. But they already released some new quality features which you may never see when using Tiktok or other similar platforms. Now you can use it as a video streaming platform with a lot of amazing features. Unlike Twitch or other competing sites, you can enjoy social media with millions of people and streaming games with easy to receive fans system.

5- YouTube Gaming

Youtube is a video platform with billions of videos and unlimited active users every day. Their game streaming is the most amazing platform where a lot of gamers already started their streaming. Getting fans on YouTube is not so hard because people already looking to watch videos on this platform.

How to Make Money?

Earning from streaming is very easy, but you must first create a lot of following. Below is a list of some ways which streamers are using to make money. To know more ways to make money online, visit Answer Diary.

  1. Receive Donation is the easy way because if you have 50000 fans and only 1000 donate 1 dollar, that’s 1000 dollars. How much it’s hard to make few thousand per month?
  2. You can promote some products and show them to your fans. Of course, you will charge for it, and that’s also an effective way to make money when streaming.

There is no rule that which platform will pay more to streamers like YouTube or twitch. It depends on the streamer, how much they can make followers with quality content, and their ways of engaging with fans.


These streaming platforms are the future, and Tv Channels cant win this war. We can find thousands and millions of streaming channels already covering almost every topic in the world. More people are focusing on watching these videos compare to Tv Channels. It’s really easy to make money from it; unlike channels, users also get unlimited options to watch favorite content at all times.

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